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We offer in-person and long distance sessions for Intuitive Readings, Energy Medicine, Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Counseling throughout the world via phone, Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp.

Please check out our listings below and click on the picture for full descriptions of each service. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact Ashley and she can customize a healing and/or reading that is unique for you. That includes customizing a personal healing retreat for you to help you set and achieve goals, resolve conflicts, heal past wounds, develop your gifts and skills and so on.

Shamanic Journeys, Medical Mediumship & Tarot

Whether you want advice or information about specific questions regarding family, friends, romantic partners, health, career, life purpose, obstacles, blockages and solutions, or you just want a general overview exploration of past lives, soul contracts, gifts, and soul parts etc, I offer a service that combines shamanic journeying and tarot cards. Prior to your session, you will send me your questions and I will journey into alternate realities seeking advice and information from my guides. During your session, I will share the information with you and answer any additional questions that arise. Tarot will also be included to shed light on obstacles, solutions, and upcoming events. Journeys and Tarot readings are $150.

If you seek to learn how to communicate with your higher self and guides, we offer training in shamanic journeying, mediumship and divination which we teach upon request. See our workshops section.

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Energy Medicine

Maybe you don't know what you want or need, but you just feel lost, stuck, blocked and unable to move forward in life. Energy Medicine is great for dipping your toes into the water in terms of experimenting with alternative healing techniques. Energy medicine calms the nervous system; decreases pain, tension, and fatigue; improves mood, digestion, sleep, health, vitality and passion; and restores flow to all areas of your life. 

During the session, I scan the energy body to look for any intrusive energies, blockages or imbalances. I then work on cleansing, balancing and illuminating your chakras and meridians to remove imprints that keep you repeating the same wounding events circumstances and relationships over and over, as well to restore health, wellbeing and vitality. This may include some degree of extraction, cord cutting, pranic healing and other methods. Occasionally a soul part or power animal may present itself at this time, but not always. Power will be restored to you nonetheless so that you can experience renewed health, life force, vitality, clarity, passion and purpose. Images or messages may pop up during the healing work that I will share with you after the session. I call in my spirit guides to hold sacred space and begin with rattling and singing doctoring songs in different languages that all have different purposes such as clearing, strengthening, restoring, etc. As I rattle, sing and speak in different languages, I'm clearing blockages, restoring power, flow, and vitality. This type of session is typically 1.5 hours for $150.

To add a full reading and shamanic healing, there is an additional fee. See Journey and Healing Combo under the “Shamanic Healing” section for more information. This type of session will also include energy medicine.

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Shamanic Healing:
Soul Retrieval, Compassionate Spirit Release, Extraction & More

Ashley offers in-person and long distance sessions that include a mix of shamanic journeying, energy medicine, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, power symbol retrieval, shamanic extraction, chakra cleanse and illumination, compassionate spirit release, and spiritual counseling. These in-depth sessions heal past and present life trauma; remove intrusive energies and entities; identify limiting beliefs and soul contracts that need to be edited; and so much more. 


This first type of healing is a blend of shamanism and energy medicine. I will start off by asking you some questions about what is happening in your life and track your energy in both ordinary and non-ordinary reality. I will go through the four chambers of the subconscious (wounds, soul contracts, gifts and soul parts) to see what kinds of hooks, cords, contracts, agreements, intrusive energies or entities need to be removed and what kinds of energy or power needs to be restored to put you in alignment with the type of life you want to manifest. This may include power symbols, power animals, soul parts, gifts, healing salves and so on. I will also see if you get any intuitive hits about what changes you need to make in ordinary reality so that you can resolve problems with love, relationships, career, health etc. During the session, I will cleanse your chakras, remove the intrusive energies, restore your power and tap into different aspects of the soul (inner child, wounded self, higher self, fully healed self etc) and see if they have any messages about what is holding you back and what you need to start or stop doing in order to have better life. I often have a silent conversation with the soul in what I call “soul-tapping” in order to get it to shift such as releasing a fear, doubt, limiting beliefs, past trauma and so on. Talking to a person in ordinary reality may lead to fear or resistance because some part of the mind gets in the way, but soul tapping bypasses this element and can create major shifts in a single session. However, some need more than one session if they have a lot of energetic baggage to release or a lot of power to reclaim. 


This second type of session is an in-depth combo of healing, journeying and tarot readings based on the answers to three questions which I will send you. During the journey, I will tap into the energy of your responses and ask my guides for information that will offer you insight about the past, present and future. This guide not only changed my life, but his advice and support also saved it when I was left to die. He has helped countless people throughout the world find hope, understanding, clarity, purpose and so much more. I will channel him in a form of written mediumship that I refer to as a "journey" where I write down everything I see, hear, feel and experience prior to our scheduled session. This includes past and present life wounds, imprints, soul contracts, curses, blockages, intrusive energies, hooks, cords, attachments, agreements and entities that need to be removed. I also look for any healing essences such as gifts, soul parts and power animals that want to come back to you at this time. During our scheduled appointment, I will first explain the journey and send you a copy of the report and voice recording of the tarot after the healing. During the healing itself, I will cleanse and illuminate your chakras, remove all the intrusive energies etc, and restore healed essences back to you. The sessions are about 2-3 hours long and cost $295, which includes the journeying and the report. 

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Spiritual Counseling & Intuitive Life Coaching

We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. Sometimes traditional talk therapy doesn't cut it when it comes to matters of the soul. If you seek to understand to understand your thoughts, emotions, life choices, events, circumstances and relationships from a spiritual perspective, this type of session may be for you. We discuss topics like karma, life purpose, soul contracts, soul mates, unfinished business, limiting beliefs, blockages, generational trauma and curses, health (aka medical mediumship), solutions, problem-solving, and techniques to heal and empower the mind, heart, body and soul. Whether you are looking for personal insight and guidance or seeking to grow your business, my guides and I have answers for you.

I have been practicing international spiritual counseling, life coaching and business mentorship since 2004. I am a shamanic practitioner . . . not a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist. I cannot diagnose, treat or give advice from a medical standpoint. Sessions include discussing whatever is weighing on your heart, spiritual reasons for why things happened the way they did, and useful strategies for your changing your life from one of pain and suffering to a life of positivity, good health, joy, passion, power, prosperity and love. While spiritually-based, each tool, strategy or technique also has science to validate its effectiveness. Sessions start off at an hour, but can go longer if you have a lot to discuss or seek to tack on an energy healing at the end of the discussion. Sessions are $100 an hour.

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