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We offer in-person and long distance sessions for Intuitive Readings, Energy Medicine, Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Counseling throughout the world via phone, Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp.

Please check out our listings below and click on the picture for full descriptions of each service. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact Ashley and she can customize a healing and/or reading that is unique for you. That includes customizing a personal healing retreat for you to help you set and achieve goals, resolve conflicts, heal past wounds, develop your gifts and skills and so on.

Shamanic Journeys, Mediumship, & Tarot

Whether you need information about the past, present or future; insight and advice on love, health, career, or life purpose; information about events, circumstances or relationships; medical mediumship; messages from loved ones who have passed or just answers to a myriad of questions, check out our shamanic journeys and intuitive readings page that is labeled "psychic readings" or push the button below to be connected to the page. Ashley channels a transcended spirit that not only changed her life, but also saved it when modern medicine left her to die. Ashley and her guide have helped people throughout the world since 2009, when they first met. 

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Energy Medicine

Maybe you don't know what you want or need, but you just feel lost, stuck, blocked and unable to move forward in life. Energy Medicine is great for dipping your toes into the water in terms of experimenting with alternative healing techniques. Energy medicine calms the nervous system; decreases pain, tension, and fatigue; improves mood, digestion, sleep, health, vitality and passion; and restores flow to all areas of your life. 

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Shamanic Healing:
Soul Retrieval, Compassionate Spirit Release, Extraction & More

Ashley offers in-person and long distance sessions that include a mix of shamanic journeying, written mediumship, energy medicine, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, power symbol retrieval, shamanic extraction, chakra cleanse and illumination, compassionate spirit release, and spiritual counseling. These in-depth sessions heal past and present life trauma; remove intrusive energies and entities; identify limiting beliefs and soul contracts that need to be edited; and so much more. Check out our Shamanic Healing page for full details on what we have to offer.

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Spiritual Counseling & Intuitive Life Coaching

We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. Sometimes traditional talk therapy doesn't cut it when it comes to matters of the soul. If you seek to understand to understand your thoughts, emotions, life choices, events, circumstance and relationships from a spiritual perspective, this type of session may be for you. We discuss topics like karma, life purpose, soul contracts, soul mates, unfinished business, limiting beliefs, blockages, generational trauma and curses, health (aka medical mediumship, solutions, problem-solving, and techniques to heal and empower the mind, heart, body and soul. 

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Contact me

Send Ashley an email if you would like to schedule a healing, reading, class or a free consultation to customize something for your individual needs.

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