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Shamanic Spiritual Counseling Workshop -  $395 - 2 Days

What Is Spiritual Counseling?

Humanity is stepping into unprecedented times where our paradigm of existence is dissolving right before our eyes. Our habits, routines, events, circumstances, relationships, institutions, corporations, governments, resources, rights, freedoms, choices and lifestyles are changing at a rapid pace as a new world order is being created and implemented without the permission and input of the masses. We are just expected to comply without question. Family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and strangers are in conflict as they struggle to make sense of what is happening inside and around them. They don’t know what to think or believe or how to act in order to adapt and survive this massive shift in consciousness.

Everything we know and expect about life is changing and so many are seeking clarity about their futures, advice about decisions to make or paths to take. They are looking for direction, answers, inspiration, and tools to create and sustain a life that will bring forth their highest good and greatest joy, but modern medicine and western psychology may not satisfy them. They are asking the universe for information, problem-solving, power, protection and healing so that they can make the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones. This is where you come in.

For those that recognize their intuitive gifts as readers and visionaries and seek to help the masses not only evolve in consciousness, but to also make healthy, wise decisions as the world shifts into a new paradigm, this course may be what you seek.

Course Description:

In this course you will learn how to problem-solve personally, or counsel others professionally, from a shamanic perspective. You will learn how to phrase questions to get the most useful information. You will be taught specific journeying, mediumship and divination techniques to find blockages and solutions, possible and probable outcomes in a manner that is ethical, graceful, useful and empowering for both you and your client. Step into the river of consciousness and learn how to access and communicate with the Divine. These ideologies and techniques are shamanic and do not include Western psychology or medicinal practices.

(Shamanic Journeying is required. Extraction, soul retrieval and psychopomp strongly encouraged). - Two Day Workshop

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