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Spiritual counseling, life coaching, changing your life, clear ancestral trauma, resolve conflict, solve problems, spiritual healing

Spiritual Counseling


I have been a shamanic practitioner and spiritual counselor since February 2004. Throughout my training and experience, I have found that most people who seek alternative therapies are looking for answers to questions that mainstream society and conventional medicine cannot answer. "Why am I here? Where did I come from? What is my life purpose? Why do I keep finding or attracting same wounding events, circumstances and relationships over and over again? What are my gifts? What is blocking me? Why do I feel like something or some or someone is interfering with my life? Am I cursed? Is there ancestral trauma or limiting beliefs holding me back? Where is my soul mate, my life partner and how do attract them? How do generate money? What is origin of my mental and physical illnesses? What am I missing? I feel stuck, blocked, and trapped, unable to move forward with life. Something happened to me as a child, but I can't move past it no matter how much therapy I've had and no medications work. How do I change my life? What does my soul contract say?"

​Spiritual counseling is a practice of helping people understand and navigate life through the lens of the soul or human spirit rather than just the mind . . . as is the case with western psychology or psychiatry. This form of spiritual counseling is not based on an particular religion, but all religions or beliefs are welcome. Our methods are based on the shamanic (soul-centric) perspective of how the soul or consciousness is woven through every aspect of life and it may call forth certain lessons, experiences, tests or challenges in order to strengthen us or we may just be experiencing some unfinished business from a past life that we need to resolve. Other times, there is an energetic interference that we have to remove or work around in non-conventional ways.

Spiritual counseling is dealing with the realm of physics, where everything has a vibration that repels or attracts or influences our experience of reality in some way, and it teaches people how to become aware of the power they hold to shape their lives. No matter what has happened to us, we still have power, but most don't know how to use it for their highest good because they are unaware of how the law of attraction works. It has nothing to do with what you want to experience. It has to do with what you EMBODY. If you think you want love, but embody unworthiness, you will see, hear, feel and experience evidence that supports your low vibration.

The vibration of our thoughts, the things we say, the food we eat, the people we spend time with, our homes and our belongings influence how we feel, the choices we make, the opportunities we receive or are denied, our health, abundance, prosperity, and ability to find love. If we experience some sort of trauma or are constantly engaged with low vibrational people and things, it can program us to a vibration that keeps in a state of lack, suffering, and dissatisfaction, but we have the ability to reprogram ourselves to a different state of health and wellbeing through techniques that have been used for thousands of years.

Mental and physical conditions are an indication that a person needs to change their vibration and spiritual counseling can help identify what changes need to be made in your life to raise that vibration. When people experience anxiety, depression, intrusive or racing thoughts, changes in personality, dissociation, mood swings, eating disorders, addiction, chronic disease, pain or fatigue . . . there are imbalances that go beyond the mental and physical. Everything, either positive or negative, starts off energetically. If not cleared at this level, it affects the ability to vision, dream or access intuition. If not cleared at this level, it affects the thoughts and emotions . . . and eventually the physical body. Once it is at the physical level, it is at every level, and you cannot solve a spiritual or energetic problem with a pill or surgery. You have to go to the levels above them and shift the energy, perception of reality, and relationship with the soul to create lasting changes.​ ​

Spiritual counseling helps a person identify limiting beliefs and core wounds that have a person finding or recreating the same wounding events, circumstances and relationships over and over again.

It helps people:

- Practice mindfulness and positivity
- Find and maintain inner peace
- Resolve conflict and improve communication
- Make changes to behavior, habits or lifestyle Identify and resolve past and present life wounds
- End the victim identity and get off the triangle of disempowerment
- Clear up ancestral trauma and karma
- Change momentum tunnels or timelines
- Identify ways to develop life purpose, gifts, and intuition 
- Set and achieve goals
- Develop the ability manifest one's greatest reality
- Tap into their higher selves for information, problem-solving, power, protection and healing
- Make sense of trauma and move past it through spiritually-based techniques such as breath work, meditation, energy hygiene and other tools and strategies that are based in ancient healing traditions.


Whether you are looking for personal insight and guidance or seeking to grow your business, my guides and I have answers for you. I have been practicing international spiritual counseling, life coaching and business mentorship since 2004. I am a shamanic practitioner . . . not a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist. I cannot diagnose, treat or give advice from a medical standpoint. Sessions include discussing whatever is weighing on your heart, spiritual reasons for why things happened the way they did, and useful strategies for your changing your life from one of pain and suffering to a life of positivity, good health, joy, passion, power, prosperity and love. While spiritually-based, each tool, strategy or technique also has science to validate its effectiveness. Sessions start off at an hour, but can go longer if you have a lot to discuss or seek to tack on an energy healing at the end of the discussion. Sessions are $100 an hour.


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