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Shamanic Practitioner Training

Step into infinity where all things are possible and you are a co-creater of your reality. Whether you are a wisdom-seeker or a wisdom-keeper, the Institute Of Conscious Evolution welcomes you onto the path of shifting and healing consciousness. This is a global infusion of teachings that shamans, mystics, medicine men and women put their apprentices through all over the world. We invite you to let go of your suffering and limiting beliefs and help others do the same. Step into the river of universal consciousness where you will learn how to transform wounds into medicine.

Welcome to the Institute of Conscious Evolution (IOCE) where we specialize in core shamanic healing techniques, energy medicine and divination. Ashley Brothers, the teacher and founder of IOCE, has studied with great teachers such as the Foundation For Shamanic Studies (Michael Harner's program), The Four Winds Society (Alberto Villoldo's program), Betsy Bergstrom, Sandra Ingerman, Bhola Banstola (Tibetan shaman), Pedro Dura (Bolivian medicine man) and other powerful healers throughout the world since 2004.

Ashley created her training program to include the best, most powerful and efficient methods of healing, psychic development and spiritual counseling for those that seek to develop their gifts and skills for personal growth and healing or to become a professional healer, psychic reader or spiritual counselor. These are the same techniques that Ashley uses in her own sessions with people in person or long-distance throughout the world.

Training is currently offered in person in Bend Oregon for individuals, pairs or groups of any size by request. Dates and time are based on your schedule rather than set events so that you can work around your busy lifestyle. You can either take a single workshop or take multiple classes back to back.

Online training is available throughout the world via Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp by request and scheduling can be tailored to fit your schedule if you cannot dedicate full days to classes.

If you have previous training with others and feel like you might not need everything we offer, call Ashley to discuss the possibility of customizing your training.

Courses includes shamanic journeying, divination, energy medicine, soul retrieval, extraction, compassionate spirit release, house/land blessings and clearings, spiritual counseling, indigenous alchemy and dying consciously.

Click on the links below to see course description and call Ashley if you have questions or if you seek to register for a class. You can also schedule a series of classes back to back.

Shamanic Journeying Workshop

Do you seek to develop your psychic gifts and skills? The Basic Journey Workshop teaches you how to meet and communicate with your guides, retrieve power animals and power symbols, read the world like a gigantic tarot card and more. Click the button below for more information.

Description & Prices

Chakra Cleanse & Illumination Workshop

This workshop teaches you about the anatomy of the energy body; how to cleanse and empower chakras; clear ancestral karma; decrease pain and tension; restore flow and balance; aid in wound healing; and how to remove energetic blockages and wounding imprints that make a person seek, find or create the same wounding events, circumstances and relationships over and over again. For more information, click on the link for a detailed description and price.

Description & Prices

Shamanic Extraction Workshop

In this class, you will learn about past life regression; the four Chambers of The Soul (Wounds, Soul Contracts, Gifts and Soul Parts); how to remove curses, ancestral karma, and intrusive energies; program crystals to extract entities and more. For a full description of this class, click on the link below.

Description & Prices

Shamanic Soul Retrieval Workshop

In this course, you will find out how to detect soul loss and how it affects a person mentally, emotionally and physically. Learn what consciousness really is how to connect, communicate and interact with the consciousness that beats someone's heart. Retrieve vital essence someone may have lost due to abuse, trauma and neglect so that you can restore power, health, wellbeing and joy. Discover what momentum tunnels are and how to change them. Don't just look to the past to find what you lost. Learn how to access the future and bring it to the present for Destiny Retrieval. For more information, click on the link below.

Description & Prices

Compassionate Spirit Release Workshop

Have you ever wondered where we go when we die? Look no further. Learn how to find the Destiny of Human Souls; communicate with those that have passed; and help lost souls transition to a higher plain of existence. For a complete description, please click on the link below.

Description & Prices

Dying Consciously Workshop

Many people fear death and the unknown. They regret what they did or did not do in life and find themselves with inner conflict, unresolved trauma, and fear of where they may go and what they might experience when they pass. Whether you are seeking to find your own peace and understanding of the afterlife, or you seek to help others pass with ease and grace, this class teaches you about where you go when you die; how to perform life reviews  and last rites; cleanse the light body of dense energies that keep people stuck; ease burdens and resolve conflicts; help souls transcend to higher realms; and to retain their gifts and wisdom while shedding the pain and suffering of the middle world. For a detailed description of this class, click on the link below.

Description & Prices

Spiritual Counseling Workshop

In today's society many people are seeking to understand the spiritual reasons behind their life's experiences and how to solve problems, resolve conflict, move past suffering, make empowered choices, overcome ancestral trauma, create purpose-filled life, build a relationship with the universe, and to connect and communicate with their higher selves and guides. Learn how to take your own intuitive skills to the next level so that you can detect the spiritual origin of dis-ease or conflict; find practical solutions; shift consciousness; and help your clients develop their own intuition for self-awareness, empowerment, setting and achieving goals. This course uses advanced shamanic journeying and other intuitive skills to access the information you seek. For more information, please click on the link below.

Description & Prices

Divination Workshop

The world is a gigantic tarot card with all the answers to life's questions. You just need to learn how to read it. Discover how to use ancient divination techniques to gain the information you seek. Lean how to read stones, eggs, leaves and any object you find. For more information about this class, please click on the link below.

Description & Prices

House Blessing Workshop

Have you ever wondered why a place feels dark, heavy, and saturated with low vibrational energies? Do you feel like something about your land, home or office is draining your energy or making you feel sick, tired, and unlike yourself? That's because buildings and land are like people. They store the memory of pain, suffering and trauma until it is released and healed. Learn how to set sacred space; clear stagnant and intrusive energies; assist lost souls that may be wandering or interfering with human life; remove imprints of trauma from land or buildings; and restore beauty, love, light, joy, health and wellbeing by retrieving the soul of the land and raising the vibration. For more information, please click the link below.

Description & Prices

Indigenous Alchemy Workshop

Do you feel like there are areas of your life that are not working, conflicts you cannot resolve or that the things you want are out of reach? Learn how to use Indigenous Alchemy to transform your life and manifest what you desire. For more information, click on the link below. 

Description & Prices

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