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Shamanic Extraction Workshop - $395 - 2 Days 

What Is Shamanic Extraction?

Shamanic extraction is the use of shamanic methods to remove intrusive energies that create imbalances and disharmony in the body which can manifest as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual, social, and financial disease or dysfunctions, including addictions, self-sabotage, abuse, neglect etc. Shamanic Extraction can include the removal of localized intrusions, spiritual entities, hooks, cords, curses, limiting beliefs, ancestral trauma, old soul contracts and so on.

Course Description:

Do you ever feel stuck, blocked, sick, tired or unlike yourself? Do you feel like something or someone is holding you down or back or preventing you from having the life you want? Do bad things keep happening to you or feel like nothing ever works out? Do you feel cursed or destined to a life of disappointment and suffering? You may have past life karma to neutralize, soul contracts to rewrite, or an intrusive energy attached to your energetic field that is manifesting as fatigue, illness or disruptions.

During the extraction workshop, participants are taught how to sense, see, and remove localized, intrusive, spiritually-based energies that manifest into mental, emotional and physical imbalances, pain, tension, addiction and disease if not cleared. You will be guided through past lives to so that you can release yourself from past life trauma, settle karmic debts and reclaim what you lost or had given away.

You will also learn how to program crystals to use them as powerful extraction tools and perform inter-world extractions through the 4 chambers of the subconscious which are a record of past and present life wounds, soul contracts, gifts and soul parts. This training is to learn techniques for working on others, not those seeking a personal healing, although if you participate, personal healing will be achieved as a collateral benefit for attending.

(Prerequisite – journey workshop/experience) 2 Day Workshop

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