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International Healing and Transformation
Serving 33 Countries Worldwide

Are you ready to upgrade or reinvent your life?

The Epic Journey Begins Here

Your life is a direct reflection of your mindset and the energetic frequency you embody and radiate out into the world. If your life isn’t what you want it to be, this is because you do not match the mindset and vibrational frequency of your ideal self that is experiencing those desired events, circumstances, and relationships.


There are many factors that affect frequency: 1) The people you spend time with such as family, friends, and coworkers 2) The environments you live and work in 3) Food 4) What you read, watch, or listen to on a regular basis 6) Your inner thoughts or inner speech 7) Your feelings and emotions 8) Your past experiences 9) Ancestal and familial trauma, beliefs, patterns, and so on.


These things determine your perception and experience of reality. Negative or low vibrational energies give us a negative experience of reality. Positive or high vibrational energies give us a happy experience of reality because the Law of Attraction follows the Law of Resonance (Vibration). 


We are both the creator and the creation, but many people are unaware of what they are creating through their thoughts, words, and actions. They are on autopilot, running toxic, dysfunctional programs of the past that only serve to recreate the opposite of their truly want. A person can not create a positive, happy, healthy, and successful life with a negative attitude, mindset, and vibration. We must learn to invoke and wield the tremendous power within ourselves and radiate it with enough emotional intensity and repetition that we just become the version of ourselves that thinks, speaks, and acts from the higher self.


Welcome to the Institute of Conscious Evolution where Ashley Brothers is dedicated to helping you heal and transform on multiple levels. Ashley has been communicating with spirits and had strong premonitions since she was a baby. Feeling driven to develop her psychic skills and healing abilities, Ashley learned ancient and modern techniques from mystics, teachers, healers, spiritual leaders, doctors, neuroscientists and anthropologists from a wide range of cultures and philosophies throughout the world. Her intention was find the most powerful and effective ways to help people overcome suffering; transmute personal and ancestral trauma; heal chronic medical conditions naturally; and to unlock the power within themselves to create a life of hope, passion, meaning, and joy. Little did she know that her training would not only transform her life, but also saved it many times when she developed a life-threatening disease.

By interacting with her spirit guides and higher self, Ashley cured herself of seizures, strokes, and a rare disease that destroyed her arteries; healed chronic pain, nerve damage, and paralysis; and regained her memory, the ability to read, and to do math after two years of amnesia. She now helps others in 33 countries throughout the world heal from severe abuse, trauma, illness, and neglect. You can meet with Ashley in person in Bend Oregon or long-distance anywhere in the world via phone, Zoom or WhatsApp.

Her sessions are a blend of science and spirituality that help you:

  • Gain wisdom, clarity and insight about the past, present and future

  • Clear energetic blockages, patterns, negative energies and entities

  • Learn tools to neutralize personal, familial, and ancestral trauma; build up your resilience and tolerance to stress; and create new reference patterns that have nothing to do with the past

  • Reclaim your energy, gifts, skills, abundance, prosperity, and aspects of your consciousness or soul that you may have lost as result of your life's experiences

  • Rewire your brain and transform your mental, emotional and physical health

  • Free yourself from addiction, disease, limiting beliefs, toxic habits and relationships

  • Reprogram your mind to greatness, wholeness, confidence, self-esteem, joy, and success

  • Recognize and actualize your life purpose

  • Become the architect of your life and learn to set and achieve meaningful goals that are in alignment with the best, happiest, healthiest version of yourself

  • Become a magnet for the things you desire (love, money, career, optimal health and other opportunities, health)

  • Develop your intuition, psychic skills and healing abilities by invoking and wielding the power within

  • Connect and communicate with your spirit guides or higher self

Ashley offers a diverse range of services aimed at helping you achieve your goals. Please check out the listings below and click on the link for full descriptions of each service. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact Ashley and she can customize a session that is unique for you. For those that seek to develop their intuition and skills as a healer, check out our Workshops Page to see a full list of courses and descriptions.

If you need a free consultation before deciding on a class or service, contact Ashley through the form below or call her at 206-550-6292.

List of Healing Services

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