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Universal Law #7 - The Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) - Ashley Brothers


Picture life as a grand tapestry and the Law of Cause and Effect is like the threads weaving through every moment, connecting each experience and emotion. It's often referred to as karma – the notion that nothing in our lives happens by pure chance or accident. Whether it's a subtle thought or a monumental decision, this law says that every move we make sets off a chain reaction, leading to specific outcomes down the road. It's a cosmic nudge reminding us that we're not just passive spectators in our own stories; we're active players, shaping our reality with every thought and action.

As we dive into this universal principle, we are embarking on a journey of self-discovery. We will start by looking within, reflecting on our intentions and deeds, and realizing that they play a vital role in the ongoing creation of our lives. This isn't just a philosophical exploration; it's an invitation to go on a personal quest. Together, let's unravel the hidden connections between our actions and their effects, gaining valuable insights that can steer us toward living with purpose and intention. It's about becoming aware of the invisible influence of cause and effect, and in doing so, consciously co-creating our destiny with the cosmic forces that shape our existence.

Positive Effects of the Law of Cause and Effect:

  • Empowerment through Accountability: Embracing the Law of Cause and Effect empowers individuals through accountability. Recognizing that your actions and choices have consequences encourages a sense of responsibility for the energy you contribute to the world. This accountability becomes a catalyst for positive change. Don’t get stuck in the blame game where you make someone else responsible for how your life turned out such as blaming past trauma. While it may be a factor in your life, you will gain nothing from pointing fingers and living in the past. Take extreme ownership over everything that has happened in your life and ask yourself what role you played in every adverse situation that initiated or perpetuated it. Then ask yourself what you need to do differently . . . what you need to start and stop doing . . . to have a different outcome and follow through. So many people blame others for their circumstances and refuse to take responsibility for their own thoughts, emotions, decisions, actions, and reactions. Until you are willing to see the truth without guilt, shame, or blame, you will continue down the same path with the same outcomes over and over again. When you use accountability, positively, you gain self-esteem, confidence, pride, safety, security, wholeness, and self-respect. You become the person you seek rather than looking for external permission and validation.

  • Intentional Living and Manifestation: The Law of Cause and Effect invites intentional living. By aligning your thoughts, actions, and decisions with your desired outcomes, you actively participate in the manifestation process. Consciously causing positive effects in your life involves setting clear intentions and taking deliberate steps toward your goals. Set yourself up for success by being aware of where you gain and lose power, money, energy, life force, and vitality. Eliminate distractions and toxic food, habits, thoughts, emotions, and relationships that take you off course. People who are not mindful or intentional are often reacting to their environment rather than creating their own lives and feel victimized because they think they are limited in their options. They aren’t they just need to change their point of view and make different decisions that influence their environment rather than just being influenced by it. Become kings and queens rather than pawns.

  • Harmonious Relationships and Interactions: Understanding the law promotes harmonious relationships. By considering the potential effects of your words and actions on others, you contribute to positive social dynamics. Positive speech and actions generate positive reactions. Negative speech and actions generate negative reactions. This awareness fosters empathy, cooperation, and mutual respect in interpersonal interactions. Only surround yourself with positive people if you can so that you are not programmed to have negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs, decisions, and actions of toxic people. Go in nature and or be around the people and things that feed and uplift your mind, heart, body, and soul, and be someone who feeds and uplifts others.

Negative Effects of Ignoring the Law of Cause and Effect:

  • Unintended Consequences and Regret: There is a saying that the “Road to Hell was paved with good intentions.” Ignoring the Law of Cause and Effect may lead to unintended consequences and regret. Actions taken without consideration for their potential effects can result in outcomes that are contrary to your intentions. This lack of foresight may lead to remorse and a sense of powerlessness. People-pleasing is one of those behaviors that often has negative consequences. The person doing the pleasing often attracts takers or narcissists who need constant supply from someone who is insecure and desperate for validation. Or the people-pleaser may be left feeling unfulfilled or resentful if their needs are not met because they didn’t consider the outcome of their constant efforts despite their seemingly good intentions.

  • Cycles of Negative Karma: Disregarding the law of cause and effect may perpetuate cycles of negative karma. Negative actions tend to attract corresponding consequences, creating a feedback loop of undesirable outcomes. Breaking free from these cycles involves a conscious effort to cause positive effects through mindful actions.

  • Strained Relationships and Conflict: Actions that disregard the law can strain relationships and lead to conflicts. Harmful behaviors, hurtful words, or selfish decisions may create negative effects on interpersonal connections. Once you say or do something, you cannot take it back. If done with enough repetition and emotional intensity, some words and behaviors can have devastating effects on both the perpetrator and the victim. Recognizing the interconnected nature of cause and effect encourages more thoughtful and considerate interactions. Learn to be careful, conscientious, intentional, and aware of your thoughts, emotions, speech, and behavior so that you have better, healthier communication and outcomes.

How to Use the Law of Cause and Effect to Manifest a Better Life:

  • Mindful Decision-Making: Embrace mindful decision-making by considering the potential effects of your choices. Before taking action, reflect on how your decisions align with your values and goals. Mindful choices contribute to positive outcomes and intentional manifestation. Learning to control your emotions will help you respond to life and the people in it appropriately so that you achieve optimal outcomes rather than simply reacting in the moment which may have disastrous results.

  • Set Clear Intentions: Clearly define your intentions for various aspects of your life, whether it's related to your career, relationships, health, or personal development. Setting clear intentions provides a roadmap for conscious actions aligned with your desired outcomes. Write out each of your goals on a sheet of paper, the date you wish to have them accomplished and review them every single day.

  • Practice the Golden Rule: Embody the Golden Rule—treat others as you would like to be treated. Recognize the impact your words and actions can have on those around you. Cultivating empathy and kindness in your interactions creates a positive ripple effect in your relationships and the world.

  • Align Actions with Values: Ensure that your actions align with your values. Living in alignment with your core principles fosters a sense of authenticity and integrity. Actions rooted in values have a greater chance of causing positive effects in your life and the lives of others.

  • Learn from Mistakes and Adjust Course: Embrace the inevitable reality that mistakes will occur. When faced with undesirable outcomes, view them as opportunities for learning and growth. Ask yourself what you need to do differently . . . what you need to start or stop doing to have a better outcome. Adjust your course, make amends if necessary, and use the lessons gained to cause more positive effects in the future.

  • Cultivate a Positive Mindset: Cultivate a positive mindset to influence the energy you emit into the universe. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions, creating a cycle of constructive cause and effect. Focus on gratitude, optimism, and possibilities to attract more positive outcomes.

  • Contribute to Collective Well-being: Recognize your role in the collective well-being of humanity and the planet. Contribute positively to the world through acts of kindness, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility. Your actions have a ripple effect on a larger scale, influencing the collective energy of the universe.

  • Regular Self-Reflection: Engage in regular self-reflection to assess the effects of your actions. Take time to review your decisions, behaviors, and their consequences. This self-awareness allows you to make conscious adjustments, ensuring that your actions align with your aspirations for a better life. You can do this through daily meditation and journaling.


The Law of Cause and Effect serves as a guiding principle for intentional living and manifestation. By understanding the profound impact of our thoughts and actions, we become active participants in the creation of our reality. Embrace mindful decision-making, set clear intentions, and cultivate positive actions to cause the effects you desire in your life. As you navigate the intricate dance of cause and effect, you'll find yourself on a transformative journey toward a more intentional, harmonious, and fulfilling existence.

Ashley Brothers - Institute of Conscious Evolution LLC, Bend OR

Author of A Living Prayer Blog, public speaker, holistic practitioner, and teacher of energy medicine, shamanic healing, and psychic channeling


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