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Universal Law #3: The Law of Correspondence - Ashley Brothers


The Law of Correspondence, a foundational concept in metaphysics and spiritual philosophy, states that there's a direct link between the big picture (the universe) and the small details (an individual's life). According to this law, the patterns, structures, and dynamics we observe at one level of existence are mirrored in another – it's like a reflection. To put it simply, what happens above (in the grand scheme) is reflected below (in your personal life), and what's inside you is mirrored in the outside world.

This law argues that the circumstances, events, and relationships in your life aren't random; instead, they reflect deeper, interconnected truths. In other words, your thoughts and beliefs become things. Understanding and embracing this law can have a significant impact on your life. It can boost your self-awareness, encourage you to make conscious choices and unlock the potential for personal transformation. The idea is to see your experiences as symbolic and use that insight to navigate life with a clearer sense of purpose and alignment with universal principles.

As we dive into exploring the Law of Correspondence, we invite you to think about the hidden connections between what you can see and what's not so obvious. The goal is to help you better understand your current life path so you can either make it better or change it altogether. Let's embark on this journey of discovery together!

Positive Effects of the Law of Correspondence:

  • Self-Reflection and Personal Growth: Recognizing the Law of Correspondence encourages self-reflection. Understanding that external circumstances are reflections of internal beliefs, thought patterns and emotions provides a powerful tool for personal development. By addressing and refining your inner world (beliefs, thoughts, and emotions), you can positively influence your external experiences.

  • Empowerment Through Understanding: The Law of Correspondence empowers individuals by emphasizing how different aspects of their lives are interconnected. Understanding the connection between thoughts, emotions, and external circumstances gives you the ability to consciously shape and influence your reality. Once you become aware of something, you can't just ignore it. Be open to recognizing the truth about your role in every experience you've had, without feeling guilty or ashamed. When you're willing to face the truth, you'll realize that you are the common factor in both positive and negative situations you've encountered. This awareness helps you identify what you need to change in your thinking and behavior to avoid repeating harmful patterns that may have led to challenging events, circumstances, or relationships. Seeing the truth objectively and being open to making different choices can transform your life, optimizing your performance and aligning you with opportunities, blessings, and miracles. Embracing and acting upon the truth is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself, leading to true freedom and empowerment.

  • Enhanced Problem Solving: Applying the Law of Correspondence allows for a more comprehensive approach to problem-solving. Instead of focusing solely on external symptoms, you can explore the internal causes and patterns that may be contributing to challenges. This holistic understanding enables more effective and lasting solutions. Problem-solving includes identifying what needs to change, what you seek to manifest or accomplish, and what you need to start and stop doing to be in alignment with what you seek. For instance, instead of simply asking yourself why someone keeps treating you so badly no matter how good you are to them, start asking yourself why you allow it and why you stay despite the repetition of their poor behavior. In this example, the problem isn’t the other person. The problem is your own lack of self-worth and proper boundaries. The solution is to increase your self-worth and uphold boundaries by leaving and not engaging in toxic relationships in the future. This process may not be automatic, especially if a person is attached to a particular outcome. So, take time out of your busy day, breathe for a few minutes, and ask your intuition what the problem and solution are. By tapping into your higher self, your inner wisdom, and asking the right questions, solutions for success will come. Then it is up to you to create a plan and take inspired action.

Negative Effects of Ignoring the Law of Correspondence:

  • Repeating Negative Patterns: Ignoring the Law of Correspondence may result in the repetition of negative patterns. If you consistently encounter similar challenges or issues in various aspects of your life, it's essential to examine the corresponding patterns within yourself. Failure to do so may lead to a recurring cycle of difficulties. Patterns or blueprints often arise in childhood. They could be the result of visual modeling or verbal programming from parents, childhood trauma, or some ancestral pattern passed down through your DNA. Regardless of the source, identifying dysfunctional patterns in love, money, health, and so on is part of the first step to transformation and manifestation. Take time to write out these patterns in a journal, identify what you want, and what you need to start and stop doing to achieve it.

  • Lack of Personal Accountability: Neglecting the Law of Correspondence can result in a lack of personal accountability. When challenges arise, it's common to point fingers at external factors. However, this law emphasizes the importance of looking within to understand how our thoughts, beliefs, and actions shape our experiences. As mentioned earlier, you are the consistent factor in all your life experiences. As I said above, you are the common denominator in every experience of your life. There is no such thing as bad luck; only bad choices, faulty thinking, and behavior. Although something terrible may have happened to you that was not your intention, chances are it was the result of negative or limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, faulty thinking and behavior, lack of awareness, unconscious habits, old programming, and a long list of other things that you knowingly or unknowingly said or did to create unfavorable events to occur in your life. This is not about blaming or shaming you while letting someone else off the hook. When you take extreme ownership of your life, you will no longer feel hopeless, helpless, or powerless. You will no longer need the other person to change for you to feel better. You will make different choices that improve your quality of life. That may mean quitting a job you hate or ending a toxic relationship. Becoming the boss of your life may require you to fire (change) certain aspects of your personality that are steering you in the wrong direction. No more blaming others or more excuses for why your life isn’t working out. When you take responsibility for your mistakes and make different decisions, you will have a better experience of life.

  • Stagnation and Resistance to Change: Neglecting the correspondence between the inner and outer worlds may result in stagnation and resistance to change. Without recognizing the need for internal shifts, individuals may find themselves stuck in unfulfilling situations, unable to break free from limiting patterns. People who are unaware of dysfunctional patterns, faulty thinking and behavior, limiting beliefs, or unresolved traumas are destined to repeat them. If you feel stuck, trapped, or lost, chances are you need to stop what you are doing and take some personal inventory of your life. Don’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results. Identify the problems and solutions and take action. Also, stop seeking comfort and pleasure. People who resist discomfort and the unknown will never have what they want because the life they seek is outside their comfort zone. Pleasure-seeking is just a dopamine addiction and is short-lived, keeping you stuck in a pattern of toxic distractions that are all about instant gratification. These distractions waste your time, energy, attention, money, life force, and vitality. They take you off course and lead you down a path of self-destruction. Detox from dopamine by distancing yourself from your devices, social media, the internet, and other distractions, and take the necessary steps to create change in your life because no one is coming to give you what you want. You have to do it yourself. So, stop waiting.

How to Use the Law of Correspondence to Manifest a Better Life:

  • Self-Reflection and Awareness: Begin by cultivating self-awareness through regular self-reflection. Examine your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Identify recurring patterns, both positive and negative. This introspective practice is crucial for understanding the correspondence between your inner and outer worlds.

  • Align Your Thoughts and Beliefs: Consciously align your thoughts and beliefs with the reality you wish to manifest. If you seek abundance, cultivate thoughts of abundance. If you desire positive relationships, focus on fostering positive beliefs about yourself and others. Your external reality will correspond to the vibrations you emit.

  • Take Inspired Action: Recognize the correspondence between your desires and the actions you take. Instead of waiting for change to happen externally, take inspired action aligned with your goals. This proactive approach ensures that your external reality corresponds to the intentional steps you're taking.

  • Adapt and Evolve: Embrace the idea that as you evolve internally, your external reality will correspondingly shift. Be open to change and adaptation. If you encounter challenges, view them as opportunities for growth and transformation. Your ability to adapt corresponds directly to your capacity for positive change.

  • Practice Gratitude: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, acknowledging and appreciating the positive aspects of your life. The Law of Correspondence responds to gratitude by attracting more positive experiences. Regularly express gratitude for the blessings in your life, and watch as your reality correspondingly reflects this appreciation.


The Law of Correspondence serves as a profound guide on the journey of manifestation. By understanding the intricate interplay between your internal world and external experiences, you gain the power to consciously shape your reality. Embrace self-reflection, align your thoughts with positive beliefs, and take inspired action. As you master the art of correspondence, you'll find yourself on a transformative path toward manifesting a better, more fulfilling life.

Ashley Brothers - Institute of Conscious Evolution LLC, Bend OR

Author of A Living Prayer Blog, public speaker, holistic practitioner, and teacher of energy medicine, shamanic healing, and psychic channeling


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