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Connecting And Communicating With Your Spirit Guides - Ashley Brothers

In the totality of everything in existence, there's a realm that transcends the visible, a domain where ethereal energies guide us through the intricate paths of life. These guiding forces, known as spirit guides, are companions from the spiritual realm who offer wisdom, support, and a profound connection to the mysteries beyond our earthly perceptions. In this journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, let's delve into the essence of spirit guides, the diverse forms they assume, and the art of connecting with and communing with these benevolent energies.

Understanding Spirit Guides:

Spirit guides are metaphysical entities that serve as our mentors, protectors, and sources of guidance. They originate from realms beyond the physical and often bring forth insights, lessons, and nudges to aid us on our life's journey. These guides are drawn to our energy, our unique life purpose, and the lessons we're meant to learn. They often communicate using colors, pictures, symbols, numbers, words, sounds, and bodily sensations or they may use people and objects in your environment to get your attention. Sometimes the information is direct and easy to understand. Other times, they use metaphors or symbols we must interpret for a deeper understanding. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Diverse Forms of Spirit Guides:

Spirit guides manifest in a variety of forms, each tailored to resonate with an individual's needs and sensitivities. These forms can range from ancestral spirits to angels, ascended masters, animal spirits, or even light beings. The form a guide takes is often aligned with the guidance they provide. Ancestral guides might offer insights rooted in heritage, while animal spirits might impart lessons from the natural world. At this point, I’d like to point out that there is a difference between a spirit guide and a spirit teacher. The concepts of a spirit guide and a spirit teacher are related but carry distinct roles and purposes within the realm of spirituality and metaphysics. Here's an overview of the differences between the two:

  • Spirit Guide: A spirit guide is an ethereal entity that offers guidance, protection, and support on an individual's life journey. These guides are often seen as benevolent beings that help navigate life's challenges, provide insights, and assist with personal growth. They can take various forms, including ancestral spirits, angels, ascended masters, animal spirits, or even light beings. Spirit guides are often connected to an individual's energy and life path, offering assistance that aligns with the person's unique purpose and lessons to be learned.

  • Spirit Teacher: On the other hand, a spirit teacher is an evolved spiritual being with a primary role of imparting wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual teachings. These beings are often recognized for their advanced spiritual awareness and understanding of the universe's deeper truths. Spirit teachers are not always directly tied to an individual's personal journey; instead, they focus on sharing profound insights, spiritual practices, and philosophical teachings that can benefit a broader audience. They may provide guidance on topics such as universal laws, cosmic consciousness, medical mediumship, quantum healing, and the nature of reality.

Key Differences Between Spirit Guide and Spirit Teacher:

1) Purpose and Focus:

  • Spirit Guide: Primarily focuses on guiding and supporting an individual through their life experiences, challenges, and growth. Their guidance is often tailored to the individual's personal journey.

  • Spirit Teacher: Focuses on sharing profound spiritual teachings, wisdom, and insights that are not necessarily tied to an individual's specific life circumstances.

2) Connection and Relationship:

  • Spirit Guide: Has a more personal and intimate connection with the individual they guide. They may interact on a more frequent and individualized basis.

  • Spirit Teacher: Often provides teachings that can be accessed through meditation, contemplation, or study. They may communicate with seekers or students who actively seek their wisdom.

3) Scope of Influence:

  • Spirit Guide: Their influence is primarily directed towards the well-being and growth of the individual they guide.

  • Spirit Teacher: Their teachings have a broader scope, intended to elevate spiritual understanding and consciousness on a larger scale.

While both spirit guides and spirit teachers play essential roles in the spiritual realm, the key distinction lies in their primary purposes and the nature of their guidance. Spirit guides are personal companions on an individual's journey, offering support and guidance tailored to the individual's life circumstances, while spirit teachers focus on sharing universal wisdom and teachings that can benefit those who seek deeper spiritual understanding.

Connecting and Communicating With Spirit Guides:

Connecting and communicating with spirit guides is a deeply personal and spiritual journey. It's important to approach this process with an open heart, patience, and a willingness to embrace the unknown. Here are detailed instructions for connecting and communicating with spirit guides through various methods:

1. Meditation and Visualization:

  • Prepare the Space: Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Create an ambiance that promotes relaxation, such as dim lighting and calming music.

  • Relaxation: Sit or lie down in a relaxed position. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and allow your body to relax.

  • Setting the Intention: State your intention to connect with your spirit guide. This can be done mentally or spoken aloud. Visualize a warm, inviting light surrounding you.

  • Visualize the Guide: Envision a peaceful and serene environment, like a meadow or a forest. Imagine a presence approaching you—your spirit guide. Allow the image to form naturally in your mind's eye.

  • Introduction: Greet your spirit guide mentally or verbally. Ask their name or how you can address them.

  • Engage in Conversation: Begin a conversation with your spirit guide. Ask questions, share your thoughts, and be open to receiving insights and guidance. Listen to any responses that come to you, whether in words, images, or feelings.

  • Trust Your Intuition: Trust the impressions you receive, even if they seem subtle or unconventional. Spirit communication often comes through intuitive channels.

  • Closure: When you're ready to conclude the communication, express gratitude to your spirit guide for their presence and guidance. Gradually bring your awareness back to your physical surroundings.

2. Automatic Writing:

  • Prepare the Space: Set up a quiet and comfortable writing area. Have a notebook or journal and a pen ready.

  • Relax and Center: Take a few deep breaths to relax and center yourself. You can use meditation or deep breathing techniques to quiet your mind.

  • Set the Intention: State your intention to connect with your spirit guide and receive their guidance through writing.

  • Begin Writing: Start writing in a free-flowing manner. Allow your hand to move across the paper without consciously controlling it. You might start with a question or a simple request for guidance.

  • Trust the Process: Don't overthink or censor your writing. Allow the words to flow, even if they seem random or disconnected.

  • Interpretation: After you've finished writing, read through what you've written. Look for any patterns, insights, or messages that resonate with you. Often, the writing will contain guidance or perspectives from your spirit guide.

  • Repeat and Reflect: You can continue this practice whenever you feel the need for guidance. Reflect on the messages received and how they align with your journey.

3. Dream Communication:

  • Intention Setting: Before sleeping, set the intention to connect with your spirit guide in your dreams. You can repeat this intention mentally or speak it aloud.

  • Relaxation: Engage in calming activities before bedtime, such as reading, meditating, or gentle stretching. Create a peaceful environment conducive to restful sleep.

  • Mentally Invite: As you lay in bed, visualize your spirit guide and mentally invite them to communicate with you in your dreams. Imagine receiving their guidance and insights.

  • Dream Journal: Keep a dream journal by your bedside. As soon as you wake up, record any dreams, impressions, or feelings you remember. Spirit guide communications can often occur in dreams.

  • Symbolic Interpretation: Reflect on the dream symbols, feelings, and interactions you experienced. Look for messages or guidance that your spirit guide might have conveyed.

  • Practice Patience: Not every dream will contain direct messages. Trust that your spirit guide is connecting with you in a way that aligns with your needs and their guidance.

4. Nature Connection:

  • Choose a Peaceful Setting: Find a quiet and natural space, such as a park, a forest, or by a body of water. Spend time in nature to create a sense of openness and receptivity.

  • Mindful Presence: As you immerse yourself in nature, practice mindfulness. Pay attention to your surroundings—the sounds, scents, and sights.

  • Inner Silence: After a few moments of mindful presence, quiet your mind and focus on your heart center. Breathe gently and bring your awareness to the intention of connecting with your spirit guide.

  • Engage Your Senses: Use your senses to perceive any subtle shifts or feelings. You might experience a heightened sense of peace, presence, or even a sensation of being accompanied.

  • Ask and Listen: Mentally or verbally ask your spirit guide for guidance or a sign of their presence. Be open to receiving their response through your intuitive senses or the beauty of nature.

  • Nature's Signs: Pay attention to any animals, plants, or natural elements that capture your attention. These could be symbols or messages from your spirit guide.

  • Gratitude: Before leaving the natural setting, express gratitude for the connection and any guidance received. Leave with a sense of connection and renewed energy.

Embrace the Journey:

Connecting with spirit guides is a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. With an open heart, a willing spirit, and consistent practice, you can tap into the boundless wisdom and unconditional love that these guides offer. Remember that building a connection with your spirit guide takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself and the process. Trust your intuition and the signs you receive, even if they are subtle. The more you cultivate this connection, the stronger and clearer it will become over time.

If you seek more information about how to deeply connect and communicate with spirit guides and ancestors, you can read the blog on shamanic journeying or contact Ashley to set up a private workshop.

Ashley Brothers - Institute of Conscious Evolution LLC, Bend OR

Author of A Living Prayer Blog, public speaker, holistic practitioner, and teacher of energy medicine, shamanic healing, and psychic channeling


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