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Personal Healing Retreats:
Individuals, Couples or Small Groups

If you seek to learn more about your true self; let go of trauma and limiting beliefs; connect with the universe; and reclaim your power, health and well-being, consider booking a personal retreat with Ashley Brothers. She will guide your through a combination of spiritual counseling, intuitive readings, energy medicine, reiki, shamanic healing and ceremonies tailored to your personal needs and desires. 

Retreats are as long or as short as you need, but the suggestion would be up to 4 days to work through different issues that may be holding your back from living your best life and to integrate all you have learned and experienced before jumping back into ordinary life.

Make quantum leaps in your personal and professional life by accessing alternate realities for information, power, protection and healing.

Release trauma stored in your cells.

Remove blockages and wounding imprints from your energy body.

Reclaim parts of your consciousness (aka soul) that you may have lost as a result of illness, abuse, trauma or neglect.

Learn tools and techniques to shift your energy and perspective out of the victim mentality to that of the hero and co-creator or your reality.

Access wisdom and information from the spirit realms. 

Sessions with Ashley will be customized at your request ranging from a few hours to full days depending on what you seek to accomplish during your stay. Simply book a free consultation with Ashley to create an itinerary that meets your goals.

If you seek to experience other kinds of healing techniques that  Ashley does not offer, she can help you arrange these session will local practitioners.

You will need to arrange your own dining and sleeping accommodations, but Bend offers many grocer stores, restaurants, hiking trails, hotels and AirBnBs for your personal needs.

If you seek to train in energy medicine, divination, or shamanic healing rather than personal healing, growth and development, Ashley offers 2-day workshops that can be taken individually if you are just starting out or back to back for an in-depth experience. There is no calendar of events at this time. If you want to book a workshop for yourself, with a partner, or a group of friends, this can all be arranged per your convenience. Visit our Workshops Page to see the list of courses available.

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