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Indigenous Alchemy Workshop
2 Days - $395

Four directions power animals

Indigenous Alchemy Workshop -  2 Days - $395

What Is Indigenous Alchemy?

Indigenous alchemy is a spiritual and philosophical practice that combines the traditional wisdom and practices of indigenous cultures with the principles and techniques of alchemy. It is a practice that is based on the belief that all of creation is interconnected and that the natural world holds powerful spiritual and transformative energies that can be harnessed for healing and personal growth.

Indigenous alchemy draws on the wisdom and practices of various indigenous cultures around the world, including Native American, African, Australian Aboriginal, and South American cultures, among others. It integrates traditional healing practices, such as plant medicine, shamanism, and ceremony, with the principles and techniques of alchemy, such as the transmutation of emotions and the integration of shadow aspects.


Indigenous alchemy can be used to heal oneself by integrating traditional indigenous wisdom and practices with the principles and techniques of alchemy. Here are some ways in which Indigenous alchemy can be used to support personal healing:

  • Connection to nature: Indigenous alchemy emphasizes the importance of developing a deep connection with the natural world. Spending time in nature, learning from the plants and animals, and developing a relationship with the spiritual energies and forces that exist in the environment can help individuals to find a sense of peace and balance, and to connect with their inner wisdom.

  • Ceremony: Indigenous alchemy involves the use of ceremony as a powerful tool for healing and transformation. Ceremonies can take many forms, such as sweat lodges, vision quests, or pipe ceremonies, and can help individuals to connect with their own spiritual power and the power of the natural world.

  • Plant medicine: Indigenous cultures have used plant medicine for thousands of years as a tool for healing and transformation. Plant medicine can be used to help individuals connect with their inner wisdom, to release emotional blockages, and to be open to new possibilities for growth and transformation.

  • Shadow work: Indigenous alchemy recognizes the importance of working with one's shadow aspects of the unconscious aspects of the psyche that may be holding emotional or psychological blockages. Through practices such as meditation, dream work, and shamanic journeying, individuals can explore and integrate their shadow aspects, and find a greater sense of wholeness and balance.

  • Transmutation of emotions: Indigenous alchemy also emphasizes the transmutation of emotions or the process of transforming negative emotions into positive ones. Through practices such as visualization, breathwork, and meditation, individuals can learn to transmute negative emotions such as fear or anger into positive emotions such as love or compassion.

Course Description:

In this course, you will learn a powerful technique to move a person through different stages of consciousness, growth, evolution, and life by changing one's energy, perception of reality, identity, and roles. You will discover how to use the four stages of perception to shift how you experience life, communicate with others, the roles you play, the choices you make, and the opportunities that come your way. This technique can help you resolve conflict; attract love and money; change life circumstances or relationships; manifest opportunities and change your life completely . . . . depending on your needs and desires. Get ready to shift. 

(Prereq – Must have journeying, illumination, extraction, and soul retrieval courses.)

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