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Shamanic Healing Sessions

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What is shamanic healing


Shamanic healing is a traditional form of spiritual healing that has been practiced by various indigenous cultures and communities around the world for thousands of years. It is based on the belief that illness, both physical and psychological, is often the result of imbalances or disturbances in a person's spiritual, emotional, or energetic state. Shamanic healers, also known as shamans, medicine men/women, or healers, are individuals who possess the ability to connect with the spiritual world to address these imbalances and restore harmony and well-being.

The core principles of shamanic healing vary depending on the specific cultural context, but some common elements include:

1. Connection to the spirit world: Shamans believe in the existence of a spiritual realm, inhabited by benevolent and malevolent spirits. They act as intermediaries between this realm and the physical world to seek guidance, healing, and protection.

2. Journeying and altered states of consciousness: Shamans often enter altered states of consciousness through techniques like drumming, chanting, dancing, or using psychoactive plants. In these states, they can access spiritual insights, retrieve lost soul parts, and communicate with spirit guides.

3. Soul retrieval: One of the primary practices in shamanic healing involves identifying and retrieving lost parts of a person's soul. It is believed that traumatic experiences or emotional distress can cause a person's soul to fragment, leading to various physical and mental ailments. The shaman retrieves these lost soul fragments and helps the person integrate them back into their being.


4. Energy clearing and extraction: Shamans work to remove negative energies or intrusions that may be causing illness or distress in a person's energy field.


5. Rituals and ceremonies: Shamanic healing often involves rituals and ceremonies that are designed to bring about healing, purification, and balance.

It's important to note that shamanic healing is a spiritual and holistic approach, and it complements but does not replace conventional medical treatments. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in shamanic practices and their potential benefits for mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being in various cultural and religious contexts. However, as with any alternative healing modality, it's essential to approach it with an open mind and consult trained and experienced practitioners for guidance.



This first type of healing is a blend of shamanism, energy medicine, and spiritual counseling. I will start by asking you some questions about what is happening in your life and track your energy in both ordinary and non-ordinary reality. I will go through the four chambers of the subconscious (wounds, soul contracts, gifts, and soul parts) to see what kinds of hooks, cords, contracts, agreements, intrusive energies or entities need to be removed and what kinds of energy or power needs to be restored to put you in alignment with the type of life you want to manifest. This may include power symbols, power animals, soul parts, gifts, healing salves, and so on. I will also see if you get any intuitive hits about what changes you need to make in ordinary reality so that you can resolve problems with love, relationships, career, health, etc.

During the session, I will cleanse your chakras, remove the intrusive energies, restore your power, and tap into different aspects of the soul (inner child, wounded self, higher self, fully healed self, etc) and see if they have any messages about what is holding you back and what you need to start or stop doing to have a better life. I often have a silent conversation with the soul in what I call “soul-tapping” to get it to shift such as releasing fear, doubt, limiting beliefs, past trauma, and so on. Talking to a person in ordinary reality may lead to fear or resistance because some part of the mind gets in the way, but soul-tapping bypasses this element and can create major shifts in a single session. However, some need more than one session if they have a lot of energetic baggage to release or a lot of power to reclaim.


2. JOURNEY & HEALING COMBO (Includes mediumship and psychic reading): $345

This second type of session is an in-depth combo of healing,  journeying and tarot readings based on the answers to three questions that I will send you. During the journey, I will tap into the energy of your responses and ask my guides for information that will offer you insight into the past, present, and future. This guide not only changed my life but his advice and support also saved it when I was left to die. He has helped countless people throughout the world find hope, understanding, clarity, purpose and so much more. I will channel him in a form of written mediumship that I refer to as a "journey" where I write down everything I see, hear, feel, and experience before our scheduled session. This includes past and present life wounds, imprints, soul contracts, curses, blockages, intrusive energies, hooks, cords, attachments, agreements, and entities that need to be removed. I also look for any healing essences such as gifts, soul parts, and power animals that want to come back to you at this time. During our scheduled appointment, I will first explain the journey and send you a copy of the report and voice recording of the tarot after the healing. During the healing itself, I will cleanse and illuminate your chakras, remove all the intrusive energies, etc, and restore healed essences back to you. The sessions are about 2-3 hours long and cost $345 (because of the prep work), which includes the journeying and the report. 

*Note: I am a shamanic practitioner, not a licensed doctor or psychiatrist. I am not allowed to diagnose or treat. However, my guide often speaks in clinical terms and may say things from a scientific point of view regarding physical ailments, mental or emotional issues, etc. This doesn't make it any less spiritual, but it also does not replace the advice or expertise of a licensed physician. If medical information comes up, please double-check with your doctors before proceeding with any changes to your medical routine.*

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