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Links To Other Practitioners, Tools, Services & Resources

Please scroll down to check out the links to other highly recommended practitioners, tools, services and resources that may assist you on your healing journey.

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Welcome To Our Recommended Practitioners & Services List



Bend and Central OR


Michael Hahn - Advanced Healing Therapies

20230 Bronze Street Bend, OR 97701


Breanna Montoya - Core Foundations Counseling 

Neurofeedback and Family Counseling


Cheryl Mills

Videos, Courses and Coaching in Mindfulness Techniques

Haelan House

Tools, education and resources for overcoming trauma through alternative ways

Nature’s Bling - Crystal Shop and Metaphysical Supply Store

133 SW Century Dr. Suite 202, Bend, OR 97702

(541) 640-0888

Tara Townsend

Access Bars, Intuitive Energy Healing, Oracle Cards, Smudging Fan Workshops


Jan Maloch

Psychic Medium and Author of Road to Ascension (Arcturians)


Mary Nash

DNA Light Activation, Reiki, Channeled Guidance


Sandy Wesson - Brainworks of Oregon

Nutrition, brain health, detox, and more

2445 NE Division St Suite 202, Bend, OR 97703

(541) 639-8400

Sedona, AZ

Rion DeRouen - Team Light 

All things intergalactic, star seeds, DNA activation, EMF protection, orgonite pyramids, jewelry, and more

YouTube Channel - Unite the Collective

Carolyn Ford - Einstein the Crystal Skull

Stephanie Phelps - White Horse Journeys 

Services - Shamanic healing, energy medicine, fire ceremonies, and more

Prescott, AZ

Shakti Seva Simran - WholeHearted Healing Arts

Karuna Reiki, HeartMath and Pet Sitting



Lee Schwalb - Acupuncture, Cupping, Sound Healing, PEMF, and Kambo Detox (Frog Medicine)


Genevieve Solomon - Breath Work, Theta Healing, Crystal Healing, Business Consulting


Europe - Belgium

Anthony Torfs - White Bear Shaman

Practice address:

Street: Smishoekstraat 65 

Zip code: 9170

City: Meerdonk

Country: Belgium

Phone: +32471695556

E-mail: /

Europe - Zurich, Switzerland 

Helen Mosimann-Kogan - White Rabbit Reveals

Intuitive Readings, Shamanic Healing, and Energy Medicine 

Phone +41 782285100

Launceston, Tasmania

Matthew Titmus - Shamanic Energy Medicine Tasmania

Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Energy Medicine


Shaman’s Market

Ritual and Ceremonial Tool, Supplies, Books, Clothing, Crystals, Sacred Herbs and More

Lee Harris - Energy Updates and Narcissist Recovery


Tanaaz Chubb - Astrology, Numerology, Rituals, Tarot, Cosmic Forecast Videos 

Meditation For Seniors Blog - Benefits of Meditation For Seniors

Harm Reduction Guide For Getting Off Psychiatric Medication: Will Hall



Dr. Joe Dispenza - Meditation books, recordings, videos, and events

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