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Soul Retrieval Workshop
2 Days - $395

light body with chakras

Soul Retrieval Workshop - 2 Days - $395:


What Is Soul Retrieval?

Shamanic soul retrieval is a spiritual and energetic healing practice that is often used in shamanic traditions to help individuals recover lost or fragmented parts of their soul. In shamanic belief, it is believed that when we experience trauma, such as physical or emotional abuse, a part of our soul may fragment and become lost or disconnected.

Shamanic soul retrieval involves the shaman journeying into the spirit world to locate and retrieve these lost soul parts. The shaman may use various techniques, such as meditation, drumming, or chanting, to enter a trance state and connect with the spiritual realm.

Once the shaman has located the lost soul part, they work to reintegrate it into the individual's being, helping to restore wholeness and balance. This process may involve energetic healing techniques, such as breathwork, visualization, or the use of specialized tools, such as crystals or feathers.

The process of shamanic soul retrieval is often accompanied by rituals or ceremonies, including the use of smudging, drumming, or chanting. These practices help to create a sacred and healing space for the client and support the shaman in their work.

Shamanic soul retrieval is often used in conjunction with other shamanic healing practices, such as power animal retrieval, shamanic extraction, and divination. The goal of shamanic soul retrieval is to help individuals heal from past trauma, connect with their inner power and wisdom, and live more fully in the present.

Course Description:

In this workshop, participants will learn how to recognize “soul loss”, perform “soul retrieval”, and how to empower the luminous energy field to ensure maximum integration, greater health, and well-being. You will learn about momentum tunnels, how to retrieve power and aspects of your consciousness that are connected to your personality, gifts, and talents, and possibly retrieve an entirely new destiny.

In this class, you won’t just learn how to go back in time. You will also learn how to find and access parallel realities that help you change timelines for a better life, as well as to go forward into the future to meet the fully healed self that will help you live your greatest potential now. Why only look to the past when you can go 10,000 years into the future and bring your fully healed self back to the present?

Soul retrieval has been known to not only change a person’s life for the better but in some cases, save it . . . as was the case for me. Even if you have never experienced trauma, you may still feel like something is missing. This is the opportunity to see what you may have lost in another lifetime and retrieve that which will open doors to many new and rewarding events, circumstances, and relationships.

These ideologies and techniques are shamanic and do not include western psychology or medicinal practices. This training is to learn techniques for working on others, not those seeking personal healing, although if you participate, personal healing will be achieved as a collateral benefit for attending.

(Journey & extraction req. Chakra cleanse and illumination are strongly suggested.) - 2-Day Workshop

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