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House Blessing Workshop
2 Days - $395

Altar with crystals

House Blessing Workshop -  2 Days - $395

What Is House & Land Blessing?​

A house blessing is a spiritual or religious ritual or ceremony that is performed to bless and protect a home or dwelling. It is a practice that is common in many cultural and spiritual traditions and is believed to help create positive and harmonious energy in the home, as well as protect it from negative or harmful influences.


A house blessing can take many forms, depending on the tradition and the practitioner. It may involve the use of sacred objects, such as candles, incense, holy water, or crystals, as well as prayers, chants, or blessings. It may also involve the participation of a spiritual leader, such as a priest, minister, rabbi, shaman, or other spiritual practitioners.

The purpose of a house blessing is to create a sacred and protective space in the home and to invite positive energies and blessings into the space. It may also involve the removal of negative or harmful energies and the clearing of any spiritual blockages or imbalances that may be present in the home.

A house blessing can be performed for many reasons, such as when moving into a new home, after a traumatic or negative event, or when experiencing a period of transition or change in one's life. It can also be performed as a regular spiritual practice, to help maintain a positive and harmonious energy in the home.

The practice of house blessing can provide a sense of comfort, protection, and connection to the spiritual realm, and can help individuals create a nurturing and supportive environment in their homes.

Course Description:

Have you ever wondered how to smudge or bless a house, set up sacred space, or help lost souls trapped in houses or areas of land? Participants will learn how to set up sacred space; clear out dense, low-vibrational, stagnant, and/or intrusive energies; set up protection, and raise the vibration of land, homes, and offices using a variety of indigenous healing techniques. You will also learn about different herbs and resins that are best for house blessing and clearing. This course includes learning how to create powerful despacho ceremonies for rapid transformation and manifestation.

(Prerequisite – Journeying, extraction, compassionate spirit release, and soul retrieval workshop/experience) - 2-Day Workshop

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