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Dying Consciously Workshop
2 Days - $395

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Dying Consciously Workshop -  2 Days - $395

Ancient indigenous people didn’t see death as a thing to fear, but rather something to embrace because it wasn’t just the ending of a way of life, but rather the beginning of a new one in an alternate reality that promised forgiveness, salvation, peace, and freedom from suffering. They saw it as a chance to go back to The Creator and reconnect with their soul family on the other side of the veil. However, most people in modern western society fear death because of the uncertainty of what happens to us during and after the dying process and because of what they’ve been taught by religion in terms of Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and so forth. If you have faith in a loving God or Universe, you may feel safe, but if you doubt religious edicts or question your worthiness of a good afterlife, you may be reluctant to leave the earthly plain for fear of suffering or getting lost or stuck somewhere unpleasant with no way out.

Dying consciously is a spiritual and philosophical concept that refers to the process of preparing for and facing death with awareness, intention, and acceptance. It is a practice that involves exploring one's beliefs, values, and fears around death and dying, and engaging in practices that promote self-awareness, healing, and spiritual growth.

The practice of dying consciously is based on the belief that death is not only a physical process but also a spiritual and transformative one. By approaching death with conscious awareness, individuals can use the dying process as an opportunity to gain greater insight, wisdom, and spiritual growth.

Dying consciously may involve various practices, such as meditation, contemplation, prayer, or ritual, that help individuals connect with their inner wisdom and find peace and acceptance in the face of death. It may also involve making practical arrangements, such as creating an advanced directive or preparing one's will, that help to ensure a smooth transition for loved ones.

The practice of dying consciously is often supported by various spiritual and philosophical traditions, such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Stoicism. These traditions offer guidance on how to approach death with acceptance, detachment, and equanimity, and how to cultivate a deeper understanding of the impermanence of life.

The goal of dying consciously is to face death with courage, grace, and dignity, and to use the dying process as an opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation. It is a practice that can help individuals find greater meaning and purpose in life, and a sense of peace and acceptance in the face of death.

Course Description:

This workshop is for those who wish to learn what is waiting for them on the other side of the veil before they pass; to assist others in terminal situations; or who help transition those spirits that have become stuck between worlds for various reasons. Learn how to help people unravel the tapestry of their earthly experiences; make peace with what has or has not occurred throughout their lives; help them find resolution; and say their I love yous and their goodbyes. Whether you choose to be an end-of-life companion (death doula or hospice worker) or a transitioner of lost souls (psychopomp), this course has answers for you. Discover ways to ease pain and suffering, lighten burdens from the soul, perform last rites, and accompany a loved one to the gates of the Destiny of Human Souls in the upper and lower worlds. Step into infinity where there is life after death and we can retain our wisdom and consciousness from one incarnation to the next.

(Journeying, extraction, soul retrieval, & compassionate spirit release req) - 2-Day Workshop

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