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Compassionate Spirit Release

2 Days - $395

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Compassionate Spirit Release (Aka Depossession) Workshop - 2 Days - $395


About Compassionate Spirit Release (AKA Compassionate Depossession, Psychopomp):

Compassionate depossession is a spiritual and energetic healing practice that is focused on helping individuals who are believed to be possessed by unwanted energies or spirits. In some shamanic and spiritual traditions, it is believed that spiritual entities can attach themselves to an individual and cause physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances.

Compassionate depossession involves a trained practitioner who works with the individual to remove the unwanted entity or energy from their being in a respectful and compassionate way. The goal is not to force the entity out, but to work with it to help it move on and to restore balance and harmony to the individual's being.

The process of compassionate depossession typically involves the practitioner entering a meditative or trance state to connect with the entity or energy that is present in the individual's being. The practitioner may use various techniques, such as visualization, dialogue, or ritual, to communicate with the entity and understand its nature and purpose.

The practitioner then works with the entity to help it release its hold on the individual and move on to a more appropriate location or state of being. This process is done with respect and compassion for the entity, acknowledging that it may have been attached to the individual for a long time and may be resistant to leaving.

Compassionate depossession is often used in conjunction with other shamanic or spiritual healing practices, such as soul retrieval, shamanic extraction, or energy healing. The goal of compassionate depossession is to help individuals who are struggling with unwanted energies or entities to find relief and restore balance and harmony to their being.

Course Description:

In this class, participants will learn to recognize when a person has a suffering being attached to them versus a local intrusion, curse, or soul contract that needs to be dealt with. They will visit the Destiny of Human Souls in Upper and Lower Worlds to see where beings go after they leave their earthly bodies and learn how to assist them in crossing over compassionately. This work includes helping souls attached to people, buildings, war zones, hospitals, graveyards, or places in nature where tragedies may have happened.

Participants will find out if one of these souls needs healing, has a message for a loved one, or has unfinished business to attend to before they can transcend. Learn how to meet the angels of crossing and the helping spirits that will walk between worlds with you and assist you in leading lost souls back home. This work is essential for death doula training and house or land clearings as well.

(Prereq: Journeying, Extraction, Soul Retrieval Required) - 2-Day Workshop

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