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House Blessing Ceremonies

Image by Sarah Brown

Does your home, office, or property feel like it’s holding lower vibrational energies? Do you feel significant drainage, blockages, or change in energy as soon as you enter your own home or office? Do you see dark orbs or silhouettes; feel changes in temperatures; feel watched or sense an ominous presence while you sleep or during the day? Does your mood or personality change suddenly, causing you to feel depressed, anxious, angry, trapped, bound, or like you are compelled to say and do things that are not like yourself? Do you get the feeling that you are not alone or that something bad happened within your home, office, or on the property that either sits? Perhaps it is time to have a space clearing and blessing.

Like people, buildings and land also experience trauma that is often trapped or stored until someone releases it. Sometimes there are natural or manmade disasters, tragic deaths, abuse, or other terrible things that leave an imprint in an area that needs to be cleared. Other times there are suffering beings that need help transitioning to higher realms of existence and only a skilled practitioner can see, hear or assist them. Even the land itself may need soul retrieval if so much has occurred that it has lost its power, joy, life force, and vitality. Whatever the case may be, there is hope.

DESCRIPTION: $100/hr (2-hour minimum)

Ashley will first conduct a consultation over the phone to discuss your situation and customize a ceremony based on your needs. She will then come to your home, land, or office space to conduct the ceremony to clear intrusive energies; bless and heal the space; create new blueprints for the future; and establish a new vibration to help you manifest your personal and or professional goals. The ceremony will include a temporary altar for the ceremony, smudging, extraction, compassionate spirit release, soul retrieval for the land (if needed), gridding, despacho, and so on. There may be drumming, rattling, bells, and singing of ceremonial songs.

For more information, please contact Ashley. Ceremonies are $100 an hour and are typically around 2 hours from set up to closure of a typical house, apartment, or office space but may take more time if the property is large.

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