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Ashley Brothers'
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If you are interested in learning more about Ashley Brothers and her spiritual journey or you are looking for a blend of science and spirituality to help you heal and transform your life, watch Ashley's interviews below or check out the episodes from her channel, Soul-Deep Podcast, for free on Gnostic TV.  Ashley interviews people from all over the world about various philosophies, principles, tools, resources, psychic gifts, and healing abilities to help you on your path.

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Joy Nordenstrom Soul-Deep Podcast Image

Coming Soon

Online Dinner Party With Marc Lee & Jim Marshall


Podcast Interview

Click the button below to hear my interview with Sri Ponya where I share my story of overcoming depression, anxiety, PTSD, seizures, strokes, and rare disease through diet and shamanic healing techniques. This includes the incredible journey of my spiritual awakening and how my psychic skills saved my life.

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What a death doula can teach us about living

Click the button below to see my interview with

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Review From GOOP Online Magazine

Click the button below to see what GOOP is saying about my services. 

The 1 Field: Documentary of the powerful field that animates all of creation and affects our reality.

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