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Indigenous Alchemy Workshop - $395 - 2 Days 

What Is Indigenous Alchemy?

Indigenous Alchemy is a powerful technique to move a person through different stages of consciousness, growth, evolution, and life by changing one's energy, perception of reality, identity, and roles. You will discover how to use the four stages of perception to shift how you experience life, communicate with others, the roles you play, the choices you make and the opportunities that come your way. This technique can help you resolve conflict; attract love and money; change life circumstance or relationships; manifest opportunities and change your life completely . . . . depending on your needs and desires. Get ready to shift . . . .

Course Description:

Do you feel frustrated, blocked, stuck, and unable to move on with your life? Are you in a difficult situation or experiencing conflict in a relationship that you just can’t seem to resolve through “normal” ways? Are you ready to move onto the next phase of your life but just don’t know how to make the necessary changes that you can commit to? Transform your life and resolve conflicts using this ancient technology where the impossible suddenly becomes reality.

(Prereq – Must have journeying, illumination, extraction, and soul retrieval courses.)

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