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Welcome To HeartMath

Learn powerful techniques to free yourself from trauma; build up your resilience and tolerance to stress; improve mood and cognition; restore health and well-being; and create new reference patterns that have nothing to do with the past.

Heal Your Heart And Transform Your Life 

Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, chronic pain, strange illnesses, toxic relationships, or the long-term effects of abuse, trauma, or neglect?

HeartMath techniques will transform your life. These simple and effective tools will help you build up your resilience and tolerance to stress; restore wholeness, confidence, and sense of self; improve sleep, mood, and cognition; decrease pain and inflammation; and create new reference patterns that have nothing to do with the past.

Get ready to create a new empowered life by healing your heart . . . .

What Is HeartMath?

The heart has a brain of 44,000 neurons that generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body that can extend several feet up to miles. Not only can it change your brain, but it can also change someone else's too.

When we experience stress or trauma, the heart beats a rhythm that tells the brain "I am not safe. I am not ok. I am in danger and it's time to fight, run, hide, freeze, or fawn." This pattern can become the dysfunctional default mode that we fall into whenever we become stressed out or are not paying attention. It affects our subconscious and unconscious mind which controls our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, choices, communication, interactions with others, and our perception and experience of reality.

If this incoherent pattern continues for a prolonged period, it can lead to systemic dysregulation, imbalances, inflammation, dysfunction, disease, and even death. It can make you feel sick, stuck, drained, tired, unhappy, unhealthy,  unmotivated, and unaware so you keep repeating the same wounding events, circumstances, and relationships over and over again.

HeartMath techniques change the rhythms between the heart and the brain from incoherence to COHERENCE which restores self-regulation, function, wholeness, and sense of identity or personality; decreases pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, PTSD symptoms, and addiction; boosts self-confidence and self-esteem; improves sleep, memory, concentration, intuition and a long list of other qualities that foster health and wellbeing . . . and it only takes seconds to do it.

Not only does HeartMath change your physiological response to stress so that it takes a lot more to activate unhealthy responses, but it also changes your mind so that you make different choices from genuine intuition rather than emotion and it unravels chronic patterns that lead to and exacerbate chronic health conditions.

Like a disease, healing is infectious. Not only does HeartMath transform the energy you radiate into the world, but it also transforms the energy of everyone connected to you and or that you come in contact with, including your ancestors and the collective (global) through the quantum field. These techniques can be modified to heal and transform others and manifest incredible things because the Law of Attraction follows the Law of Resonance. Become a beacon of light by learning how to radiate love, compassion, abundance, prosperity, and joy.


Sessions: $85/hr either in conjunction with Spiritual Counseling or Stand Alone

Personal HeartMath training sessions can be tacked onto a spiritually counseling if you seek to have an in-depth session. However, I also offer one-on-one stand-alone training in HeartMath techniques if you seek tools to help your change your physiological response to stress; improve your your cognition, health and well-being; balance mood and nervous system; increase self-awareness and empowerment; and create a better future. Sessions include training in 6 different techniques spread out over 5 sessions. You will learn how stress affects your mind and body; how to recognize your personal symptoms of stress; and how to use the techniques to get the best outcome.


HeartMath techniques are simple, effective and powerful tools to transform your life and are

great for anyone of any age. If you suffer the long-term effects of stress or trauma and are looking for tools you can use anytime and anywhere, connect with Ashley via her contact page. 

NOTE: HeartMath can be taught to individuals or groups that you arrange.

All Videos

All Videos

HeartMath Techniques: Trauma Release

Blue Sky


Heart-Focused Breathing Technique

- Shifting attention
- Building composure

- Saving energy

Use in the moment to reduce the intensity of depleting emotions.


Quick-Coherence Technique

- Emotional regulation

- Builds coherence

- Increases energy

- Increases resilience

Use in the moment to shift depleting emotions, for conflicts, or to prepare for difficult conversations.


Heart Lock-in Technique

- Builds coherent baseline

- Improves and radiates a coherent field for others.

Use for personal practice 10-15 minutes per day. Use in the moment to assist someone with co-regulation.