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Reiki & Energy Medicine


When most people think of illness, they think of mental, emotional, or physical abnormalities or diseases that require medication, surgery or talk therapy to restore health, function and wellbeing. They think some intrusive virus or bacteria needs to be killed off, that uncomfortable symptoms need to be suppressed, or that tissue needs to be poisoned or cut out of them so that they can move on with their lives, but they find that their conditions either linger for decades, create new conditions, or that the original illness reoccurs. The question is why? It isn’t that modern medicine has failed, because it certainly has its value, but it focuses on biochemistry so doesn’t address the whole being. We are not just flesh and blood.

Physicists have proven that we are multi-dimensional electromagnetic beings that operate in both ordinary and non-ordinary reality simultaneously. We are quantum beings with infinite potential and possibilities, but we have been conditioned to ignore the intuitive and energetic levels of existence and focus only on the mind and body. Because of this programming, few understand the consciousness (that invisible intelligence) that created their bodies and sustains all life, nor do they know how to connect, communicate or interact with it to bring forth their highest good. So most just use and abuse themselves until they break and then seek a conventional doctor or therapist to fix them. However, everything starts off energetically. Once something is at the physical level of existence, it is at every level and you cannot heal an energetic problem with pills or surgery. You have to address the soul and the electromagnetic field that it emits.

Our electromagnetic field has its own anatomy and energy centers that affect the mind and body. It impacts how we feel, how we function, what we attract, repel and manifest. If one or more of these energy centers is blocked, interrupted or malfunctioning, it will manifest into mental or physical illness and likely affect other areas of our lives such as career, finances, love, life purpose and so on. If we compare ourselves to a computer, the body is the data processing unit that processes and interprets data through our senses. Our consciousness and electromagnetic field are the software where that data has been stored.

If we experience stress or trauma, it can act like a scratch on a CD that causes us to skip and repeat . . . finding or recreating the same wounding events, circumstances and relationships over and over again. Stress, trauma, exposure to toxins, poor diet and lifestyle, impact us like viruses or malware on our computer that corrupt our programming and affect our thoughts, emotions, behavior, choices, actions, reactions, and ability to function. These intrusive energies need to be transmuted or removed and power needs to be restored to our energy centers in order for us to lead happy, healthy lives and to manifest the type of opportunities and experiences we seek.

Energy medicine (EM) practices have been found in diverse cultures and healing traditions throughout the world since the beginning of time and they are based on physics instead of the biochemistry. Energy medicine works with subtle forms of energy known as chi or prana that exist in and around the human body. EM treats with the understanding that all illness results from disturbances in this energy known as the human biofield. The goal of energy therapy is to balance the energy flow in the client. It is used to reduce stress and anxiety and promote well-being.

EM practices are increasingly being offered within the hospital setting as a gentle intervention with the potential to improve quality of care and complement the efforts of Western physicians. Energy treatments are aimed at healing imbalances in the energy fields purported to be in and around the human body. Energy therapy is being studied in patients receiving cancer therapy, and it has been shown to improve quality of life, boost the immune system, and reduce side effects.

Common reasons for seeking energy medicine treatments include:

· Mood disorders (anxiety or depression)
· Being out of balance
· Insomnia or hyperactivity
· Chronic pain
· Cancer
· Stress-related conditions
· Fatigue
· Healing after surgery

Proposed benefits of energy medicine include:

-Reduction of pain, tension, depression, anxiety, fatigue, heart rate, blood pressure, and stress
-Improvements in memory, cognition, stamina, energy, digestion, and relaxation
-Regeneration of cells
-Slowing of the aging process
-Renewed sense of hope, joy, passion, purpose, drive, confidence, courage, motivation, endurance and resilience.

People have an abundance of energy and power and find themselves making better choices, having better communication, improving their relationships and circumstances when they no longer feel stuck, trapped, blocked, bound or drained. By restoring flow of energy, you also restore passion, power, life force and vitality that can affect infinite areas of your life.

If you seek an even deeper understanding of your soul, soul contracts, past and future lives, Akashic records, the afterlife, soul retrieval or compassionate spirit release, consider our shamanic journey and healing services.

ABOUT OUR SESSIONS: $100/hr (2 hour minimum for first session - follow-up sessions may be less).

Do you feel lost, stuck, blocked, or unlike yourself? Are you experiencing health problems that never seem to get better; difficulty with one or more areas of your life; sense intrusive energies that need to be removed; or seek to reclaim a part of yourself that you lost due to abuse, trauma, stress or neglect? You made benefit from energy medicine. Sessions include a discussion of what symptoms you are experiencing, areas of your life that are not working, and what you seek to manifest. During the healing portion, I will use my voice, rattles and other instruments to cleanse, illuminate and balance your chakras; remove intrusive energies; strengthen your aura; and restore chi/prana.​​


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