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Compassionate Spirit Release Workshop - $395 - 2 Days 

About Compassionate Spirit Release (AKA Compassionate Depossession, Psychopomp):

There is life after death, but where do we go? Some souls release their suffering immediately upon exiting the body and transcend to higher realms of existence with no help from the living, but some souls become lost after death or experience such trauma in life that their vibration is too low to leave the middle world. They end up suffering in the after-life and are stuck wandering dimensions of non-ordinary reality where they have no physical body, but they may still be able to influence the living, sometimes attaching to a person or place and creating chaos that our modern world is not equipped to deal with. These suffering beings are not demonic, even though they may seem negative, scary and aggressive in some cases. Many are not aware that they have passed and those that are may just be frustrated by their inability to communicate effectively and to transcend to a happier plain of existence. These beings may be our loved ones, family members, friends or strangers that passed decades or centuries before and may need our help to find their way to a realm where they can process and transcend their earthly experiences so that they can evolve and move to higher levels of existence.

Course Description:

In this class, participants will learn to recognize when a person has a suffering being attached to them versus a local intrusion, curse, or soul contract that needs to be dealt with. They will visit the Destiny of Human Souls in Upper and Lower Worlds to see where beings go after they leave their earthly bodies and learn how to assist them in crossing over in a compassionate way. This work includes helping souls attached to people, buildings, war zones, hospitals, graveyards or places in nature where tragedies may have happened.

Participants will find out if one of these souls needs a healing, has a message for a loved one, or unfinished business to attend to before they can transcend. Learn how to meet the angels of crossing and the helping spirits that will walk between worlds with you and assist you in leading lost souls back home. This work is essential for death doula training and house or land clearings as well.

(Prereq: Journeying, Extraction, Soul Retrieval Required) - 2 Day Workshop

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