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Basic Journey Workshop - $395 - 2 Days

What Is Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying?

Shamanism Explained (for more detail, see the "shamanic healing" page):

Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual path coupled with practical strategies for survival. It is a nature-based path of direct revelation meaning that each person has ability to connect, interact and communicate with Great Spirit (aka the consciousness of the Universe) and spirits without the need of any hierarchical structure or an intercessor such as priest or minister. It is a way of life in which the person learns to communicate with all of creation by entering altered states of consciousness and alternative realties in search of information, healing medicine and power. Shamanic techniques allow a person to not only receive answers they seek, but also to transmute energies, remove blockages, help lost souls transcend, restore power and health, change momentum tunnels, edit soul contracts, retrieve parts of their consciousness and much more.

Shamanic Journey:
The shamanic journey is the basis or foundation of shamanism. It is trance-like state where practitioner enters alternate realities, often times by altering their brain waves through drumming, rattling, flutes, whistling, singing, meditation or some type of movement. Traditionally drums or rattles are used to do this, but there are variations in every culture as well as for each individual. Some cultures use plant medicines such as peyote, ayahuasca, iboga, etc. A practitioner journeys to these alternate realities in search of information, healing medicine and or power for themselves or others. Information can be giving literally, but usually appears in the form of metaphorical phrases and images because, as we all know, a picture says 1000 words. So much more information can be given through metaphors than a direct answer and can bypass the mental judgments that the lateral can generate. The mind likes to argue, but a puzzle to be interpreted will bypass all of that and is usually more accepted and less feared. Metaphors not understood at the time of delivery have a way of unfolding truths, over time, that the client may not have initially been ready to accept or understand. They spirits are clever in their delivery.

Typically, the practitioner journeys to the Upper or Lower world (not hell) to seek information from compassionate spirits who have volunteered to help humanity through different types of healing. The Upper World may have angels and different types of transcended beings of similar vibration. The Lower World may have tree, plant, animal and some humanoid spirits. These spirits, from either world, tell the practitioner what needs to be healed and how. They may gift the practitioner with a healing manta, song, dance, or directly pass power to the practitioner to bring back to their clients in this reality.

If the client came for information, the helping spirits may give answers to questions that they may have. The elements (earth, air, fire, water and variations of each) are from the Middle World, the plane on which we live. Elements and spirits from THIS plane are usually amoral, meaning that they are necessarily compassionate, may have their own agendas, and don’t care if they are used for good or bad things just so long as you use them. The karmic implications of being used incorrectly can be disastrous for all involved. Unless highly trained, it’s best to stick to Upper and Lower World compassionate helpers.

Practitioners can also merge with their helping spirit in that alternate reality and bring them back to this plane, the Middle World. When merged with a helping spirit, the practitioner can hold and pass large amounts of miraculous healing power (through words, songs, dances, breath or laying on of hands) directly from the embodied spirit to the client without draining any of the energy of the practitioner. In fact, the spirit always leaves some healing power for the practitioner and they receive a blessing, healing and gift simply by being the hollow bone that the power passes through. The practitioner may also call the spirit forth to this reality and merge with them here or send their spirit forth across any distance to bestow healing on a client anywhere in the world. Spirits are not bound to time and space. A journey can be used to determine what needs to be removed from, or returned to, a client in terms of specific types of energies.

Course Description:
During the journey workshop, participants are introduced to core shamanic techniques that allow them to reach the states of consciousness that are necessary to access alternate realities for information, problem-solving, power, protection and healing. You will be given the opportunity to meet your power animal in the Lower World, your spirit teacher in the Upper World, and see what wisdom Mother Earth has to share with you in the Middle World. You will also learn how to retrieve power animals and power symbols for yourself and others. You will learn how to see the world through the four states of perception, which will allow you to get answers about life’s questions from any object you choose.

This is an introduction to divination and other shamanic healing techniques that require heightened intuition to extract intrusive energies, retrieve lost soul parts, assist those that have passed, help you change momentum tunnels and claim your destiny. Even if you go no further on the shamanic path, this could be a game-changer for anyone that seeks to communicate with the universe, their higher selves, and spirit guides.

(No Prerequisites.) Note: Ashley was trained in shamanic journeying by The Foundation For Shamanic Studies and Sandra Ingerman.

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