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"It is with great pleasure that I personally recommend Ashley Brothers for the work she does as a Healer and Shaman. I had several sessions with her on her visits to Marin in the Fall of 2023 and received exceptional results, with her healing sessions and intuitive readings. As many of you know I have worked with healers/shamans from all over the world and Ashley is one of the best. You will come away with immense gratitude for the work she does with you.

Jacqueline Miller, CEO/Founder, Partnerships for Change


​​"It's difficult to articulate Ashley's full scope, as she offers everything from psychopomp (helping souls transition to the other side, like a death doula) to soul retrieval (finding unresolved traumas from past lives and energetically healing them). It is pretty much as mysterious as it sounds: Deeply intuitive, Ashley will riff on everything from your spirit guides to your spirit animals, touching on life path and purpose and the soundness of your relationships. She's based in Sedona, but also does sessions over the phone."​

GOOP Magazine - 

"It was on the typical Los Angeles summer day that Ashley Brothers entered my life. In walked this powerful force encased in the (I’m guessing) five-foot-nine frame of an American woman. I didn’t know what to think. This was the first time I had ever participated or even witnessed spiritual healing, much less being the recipient of one. I didn’t know how to make sense of everything that was transgressing. Admittedly, I’ve never been very much of a spiritual person in the conventional sense. My parents raised me as a Buddhist, but to say I was practicing any sort of spirituality would be like saying I was flying to work in a jet pack every day. What I witnessed and was a part of that day was truly unbelievable even to this day. I can’t even put it into words. What I can say is this. The experiences of that day I owe them all to Ashley. She was my guide, she is my Shaman. Ashley opened my spirit to the Universal truth that permeates every particle that exists in this unbelievably beautiful Universe. As the acclaimed American author David Foster Wallace describes in his amazing commencement speech “This is Water”, what Ashley guided me to and through was this, “Sacred, on fire with the same forces that lit the stars... love, fellowship, and the mystical oneness of all things deep down”.  


Arya S. - Los Angelos, CA - USA

"Ashley is an extraordinary Shaman. Her intuitive abilities are the most incredible I have ever experienced. Each session leaves me wanting more. The depth of soul exploration that she takes you to is what impresses me the most. Prepare to be amazed!! "

Lee Schwalb, L.Ac - New York - USA -

"From the moment I found Ashley's website, I knew that I had discovered an honest person and a true healer. She was able to find blocked energies and release negativity from my subconscious. I was guided on a calming journey as Ashley performed our healing session. I recommend this powerful shaman to anyone seeking a deeper connection to existence. The prices are fair for what is accomplished. My motivation and happiness have dramatically improved over time, and I have Ashley to thank for this new lease on life."

Shawn R - Arizona, USA

"Ashley Brothers is perhaps the most authentic and gifted healer I've ever encountered. She is that rare person who has been able to transmute her own life experiences into a desire and an ability to help others. She is at home in the most challenging of tasks and can truly go deep into the psyche of another, where few dare. Her presence is both immensely kind and deeply penetrating. I felt and continue to feel safe in her care."

Joel Douek - One Track Music - LA, California, USA

"Ashley brings a wealth of knowledge from different Shamanic traditions from around the world. Her extensive and diverse training gives her the insight to know exactly what type of treatment will be best suited for her clients. Pristine morals and a strict code of ethics are Ashley's guiding light allowing all to feel safe in her company. She is not only a highly accomplished healer but also fascinating, fearless, adventurous, and kind, and has a true connection with the spirit world. I feel grateful to have studied alongside Ashley as well as personally been able to experience her healing methods and she is second to none."

Colleen McCann - - Los Angelos, CA - USA

"What defines Ashley is her ability to surrender to Spirit in order to provide a truly beautiful and authentic healing. Never have I felt such safety and compassion as I did in her care during both the healing sessions and massage. I remember during one session how I felt like a child being held by the loving care of a mother. A feeling I had long forgotten. After that session, she shared with me snippets of what spirit showed her and how she perceived the imprint my inner child held in my field, which after a while very spontaneously came to the forefront in a conversation with my father. This resulted in healing both me and my father. Time after time she has been very successful in pinpointing exactly that which was affecting my psyche. Her ability to go straight into the core of the issue and take the time to complete a full healing is what truly serves as a testimony of her professionalism and passion as a healer and shamanic practitioner. Not just the healing by itself, but also the information channeled through her helping spirits alone is in my humble opinion worth every penny."

Tom J. -  Belgium

"Ashley is Absolutely Amazing!!!! I have known Ashley for a couple of years now. We first met during a class and have kept in touch. Not only is she an extraordinary person but she is a gifted shaman that Great Spirit flows through and guides her during each healing session. I have had several healing sessions with Ashley. I am amazed by the thorough work that happens and am always excited to hear about what has taken place. I am excited to see where this Journey takes her and wish her peace and blessing on this path."

Karen M. - Alaska, USA

"My journey and healing combo with Ashley was an incredible experience! What an Intuitive! I commend Ashley for being the outstanding shaman that she is - she is a truly gifted light worker. Ashley's ability to channel accurate and on-point information about the people in my life, my finances, my state of mind, and the state of my body was excellent. She is super-easy to talk to and communicate with, and you definitely get your money's worth, and then some, when she works with you. When she was doing her healing work on me, I could feel the energy moving through the different areas of my body, and I felt the magic working on me. She also helped me identify some past "shadow memories" that were still with me around an event that happened when I was a child. Needless to say, I will be recommending Ashley to friends, family, and clients who are in need of direction, healing, and clarity in their lives. She is top-notch in her field! Thank you, Ashley.


"Lola Scarborough - The Health Nut - League City, Texas, USA

Ashley’s work is very special. I was referred to her by a friend and was interested in Soul Retrieval. Although I am familiar with most forms of therapy both Spiritual and Non-Spiritual, this was my first experience with a Shaman. The session was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and days after, I find myself still enjoying and evolving from the benefit of our time together. Ashley’s space is warm and welcoming. Her approach is kind, professional and supportive. I felt extremely calm and safe during our time together and I highly recommend her work. What a blessing to our community! -


JS - Bend OR - USA

I had a session with Ashley a few years ago and it changed my life. So many synchronicities happened in the months following which further deepened the effect of the session. I believe Ashley has an energy and creates a space that is spiritually transformative, if you are ready and allow it to be. She definitely has a special connection with the spirit world. I still revisit the automatic writing messages from her guide, which took almost a year or more to really settle in. I wish I could better express how much value I got from just a few hours of her time. If you're on the fence, go for it. Ashley is the real deal!!!


Stacey Boedigheimer - USA

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