Journey​s Of The Soul
Are you ready to move past the ordinary to the extraordinary?

LEVEL 1 - INSIGHT​​​​​​​​

Sometimes we just need answers. We just need someone to tell us how, what, when, why or with whom. Sometimes we need some direction or clarification. Maybe we need guidance, a little spiritual counseling, to help us put things in perspective so that we can achieve inspiration, resolution, or dissolution of an event, relationship or circumstance. If you are just seeking information, then a simple journey and mediumship session may be a great way to get you to the next level of your soul's journey. 

In this first level of journeying, I will enter a trance-like state to access information to pass on to you. Our spirit guides will give messages, assist in problem-solving, and show me images that may include past lives, wounds, intrusive energies that need to be removed, and any essences that are willing to return to you at this time. Sessions may include mediumship, where I connect with my spirit guide and allow him to answer you in his own words and/or tarot cards for a different level of insight. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clair sentient. I record my findings and share them with you during our session. Contact me for more information.
Dig deep into past, present and future lives for information and healing.


Soul Parts

 Soul Contracts


Do you experience mental, emotional or physical imbalances? Do you feel blocked, confused or unhappy? Do you find yourself recreating the same wounding events, circumstances and relationships over and over again?Is somethings missing? Are there areas of your life that are not working and things you still want to manifest? Sometimes things are stored in our subconscious and inner worlds that remain hidden for years, if not lifetimes. The answers may lie in the Four Chambers of your inner worlds where memories and dreams; past, present and future lives; parallel realities; alternate destinies; gifts, talents, soul contracts, and life purpose converge to create the unique being that is you.

After a free phone consultation to assess what areas of your life need clarity or healing, if you decide that you are ready to dig deeper into your mysteries, I will embark on a multiple hour journey session in which I go in and out of trance-like states and record everything I see, hear, feel and experience in the Four Chambers of your inner worlds to see what is blocking you; what intrusive energies need to be removed; and what gifts and soul essences are willing to return at this time to help you manifest your highest destiny and most fulfilling reality at this time. During this extensive journey, my spirit guide will write messages in his own words (through me) and I may also receive messages from your own soul and spirit guides as well. Discover what holds you back; what influences you; what needs to be resolved; what lies unfinished or untried; what soul contracts need to be rewritten; and what has been waiting for you to claim it all this time.    
Level 3 is taking the Four Chamber Soul Journey to the next level where you receive a multifaceted healing that may include cleansing, illumination and balancing of all 7 chakras; extraction of intrusive energies, wounding imprints, curses, and lost souls; and retrieval of gifts, soul parts, and any power animals that are willing to return to you at this time to help you on your journey in this dimension and beyond. Why stay on the freeway of Fate and Karma when you can step into infinity, onto the side road of Destiny? There's more to life than just surviving the night. Don't live the rest of your life full of regret, wondering why you let fear, pain, anger or doubt hold you back from the life you always wanted. Live consciously from a healthy, informed and empowered state.  Let go of the past and bring your future healed self into the present now. 

Love and Light will set you free. It would be my honor and privilege to serve as your guide. May you be blessed.
Namaste - Ashley Brothers