Ancient Wisdom For Evolutionary Healing 
Are you happy or do you feel like something something is missing? Do you ever feel like you are not yourself?
Do you feel lost, disconnected, and dissatisfied; wondering why you are here or what your purpose is?

Do you suffer from fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, shortness of breath, depression, hopelessness, PTSD, or addiction?

Do you experience chronic fatigue, pain or illness?

Do you feel stuck, trapped, blocked or held back from the life you want?
Chances are, you have intrusive energies that are negatively influencing your optiminal health and wellbeing and/or you are experiencing the mental, emotional and physical symptoms of soul loss. This is when vital essence is lost or displaced due to abuse, trauma, neglect, stress, or illness, but you don't have continue to suffer this way. 
Feel better now by resetting your DNA back to its original blueprint of perfect health. Be in alignment with your most fulfilling reality and greatest joy. Experience a renewed sense of ease, abundance, freedom, peace, joy, happiness, good health, vitality. Reclaim your passion and purpose in life through a variety of traditional shamanic and energy medicine techniques with an experienced practitioner who has studied with multiple teachers of different shamanic cultures throughout the world. The epic journey of transformation begins now.

It's time to end the suffering. Let Ashley journey for you and find out what best suits YOUR individual needs. Through the journeying process she will see what past lives are influencing your present life; what intrusive energies or entities need to be removed; what soul contracts need to be edited or rewritten; what gifts and soul essences are willing to return to you at this time; and what power animals are waiting to assist you on your journey through life.

Don't stay stuck in past misery, pain, or heartache. Take back your life through healing techniques as old as time. Healings sessions can be done in person or long-distance. See descriptions of what occurs during a healing session below.

Healing Sessions
I offer you three types of sessions: Readings, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing

  1. Shamanic Healing
    Shamanic Healing
    Prior to your session, I will do several hours of journeying through the 4 Chambers of your subconscious (see Shamanic Journey page) and record what I see, hear and feel during the journey, which I will discuss with you at time of your session. During your healing, I will remove any intrusive energies, entities, imprints and curses; and return any gifts, soul parts and power animals that are willing to return to you at this time for your highest healing good. See detailed descriptions of shamanic techniques below. Sessions can be done in person or via Skype. Call for price.
  2. Shamanic Journeys & Tarot
    Shamanic Journeys & Tarot
    See Shamanic Journeys page for the detailed descriptions of the two types of shamanic journeys and mediumship sessions, as well as tarot readings. Whether you just want answers to your questions or an extensive exploration of past lives, soul contracts, gifts and soul parts, we offer both. Journeys and Tarot readings are $150. This includes a written report that will be sent to you.
  3. Energy Medicine
    Energy Medicine
    Energy medicine sessions include chakra cleansing, illumination and balancing front and back. I also incorporate pranic healing, reiki, cranio-sacral, reconnection therapy and other modalities. This combination resets the nervous system, re-informs DNA of its original blueprint of perfect health, and allows the body to heal itself. After all, the consciousness that beats your heart heals your cuts without your effort. Spontaneous soul retrievals have been known to happen. Sessions are $175 and can be done in person or long-distance via Skype. (Journeys are not included).

Description Of Techniques Used In Healing Sessions Listed Below

  1. Soul Retrieval
    Soul Retrieval
    When people experience stress or trauma, they can lose vital essence. This can lead to a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that leave them feeling sick, tired, blocked, lost, unhappy, and dissatisfied. Soul retrieval restores that pure essence for wholeness, joy, vitality, passion, purpose, optimal health & wellbeing. Prior to the healing session, I will do a journey to locate any healed essences that are willing to return to you at this time. During the healing session, I return them to you, after your luminous energy field has been cleansed.
  2. Journeying & Mediumship
    Journeying & Mediumship
    If you are not ready for a healing, but want answers and guidance, a shamanic journey may be what you seek. I enter a trance-like state to access information and/or healing energy to pass on to you. Our spirit guides will give messages, problem-solve, and show me images of intrusive energies, past wounds, and any essences that are willing to return to you to help you manifest your highest destiny and most fulfilling reality. See Soul Journeys page for more info about different types and levels of readings and shamanic journeys.
  3. Chakra Illumination
    Chakra Illumination
    Our tissues, chakras, and auras store memories. If not cleared, these imprints cause us to recreate the same wounding, events, circumstances and relationships repeatedly. Illumination is a way to remove imprints of past suffering, addictions and genetic diseases from past lives or that we inherited from our ancestors. It resets the nervous system & DNA back to their original blueprint, restoring harmony, balance, and clarity. Let go of the past and live your passion. (This can be a stand-alone session, without soul retrieval or extraction, for gentler healing).
  4. Extraction
    Parasitic and low vibrational energies can lead to physical, mental and emotional illness. They can create blockages, imbalances, addictions, dysfunctional relationships and poor coping skills. The extraction process can include chakra & aura cleansing; removal of localized energies and wounding soul contracts; compassionate depossession; removal of energetic cords and roots; and energy dismemberment techniques etc. 
  5. Power Animal Retrieval
    Power Animal Retrieval
    Each of us has at least one helper spirit animal. They each have their own unique gifts, talents and purposes. Some are protectors, guides, companions, informers, power sources, inspirational muses, and motivators. During a session, a helping animal spirit usually volunteers to aid you through life. You can call on them at any time for advice, protection, strength and whatever special gift or skill they are best at. Know that you are never alone. Meet your helping spirit animal and learn to build a lasting relationship with it.
  6. Dying Consciously
    Dying Consciously
    Whether you or a loved one is facing terminal illness, please know that you are not alone. As a person who has dealt with prolonged illness, multiple hospitalizations and near death experiences, as well as assisting others during THEIR transitions, I would consider it an honor to assist you. This work includes an initial intake assessment of wants and needs; spiritual counseling for client and family; healing sessions to ease pain, grief, and suffering; life review; last goodbyes; death rites; assisted transcendence at time of passing; and funeral speech.
  7. In-Person & Long Distance Sessions
    In-Person & Long Distance Sessions
    Healing sessions are roughly 90-120 minutes in length with inclusion of explanation of pre-session journeying. Each session can be done in-person, if in Sedona, or long-distance via Skype or email. I work on people throughout the United States and as far away as India, Europe, and Australia. Time and space are an illusion, so don't let that stop you from receiving the healing you need. Call for further details and prices.
  8. Craniosacral & Reflexology
    Craniosacral & Reflexology
    Whether you choose craniosacral therapy or reflexology of hands and feet, allow yourself the gift of stillness and relaxation. Just let go and allow me to help you naturally release tension, worry, stress, and toxins that have been stored in your tissues. Allow your body to reset itself to its natural rhythms that support health and wellness. Namaste. Sessions are 60-90 minutes long. $80 per hour. Licensed massage therapist since 2005.
  9. House Clearing & Blessing
    House Clearing & Blessing
    Just like our bodies, our home and possessions store imprints of pain and suffering. If you are experiencing stagnation; energetic and spiritual disturbances; low vibrational or intrusive energies in or around your home or office, perhaps you would benefit from a house clearing and blessing to raise the vibrational frequency to one of abundance, health, peace, joy and vitality. I will come to your home, set up a sacred altar, call in my helping spirit allies to set sacred space and assess what will serve your highest healing good on multiple levels.
Shamanic Journey & Tarot Options
Medical Disclaimer
Customized 4-Day Medicine Wheel For Personal Healing & Enrichment - $1500
Curious about shamanism, but don't know if you are seeking a personal healing or ready to learn how to become a healer yourself? Let me help you bridge that gap. Turn your wounds into power with personal teachings about the Inca Medicine Wheel. Learn about the archetypes, their principles for stepping into your power, and receive personal healing sessions each day using 13 stones that you will take back home with you to continue your journey as your own Hero, Luminous Warrior, Seer and Sage. Are you ready to let go of the wounding stories of the past? Are you ready to step out of Fate and Karma, into Destiny and Dharma? For 4 full days, I invite you to step into infinity with me and become the sacred self you always were. Time to let the light in and let it shine from the inside out. Ashley
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