The Epic Journey Begins Now

Ancient & Evolutionary Healing

Located In Sedona, AZ
(Will Travel)


Hello. My name is Ashley Brothers. Whether you are seeking information about your spiritual path; a personal healing; or to learn shamanic healing techniques for personal and professional growth and transformation, I welcome you to the Institute of Indigenous Alchemy.

Here you are given the opportunity to experience your divine gifts, life purpose, and ability to communicate with your compassionate helping spirits. Heal past wounds. Reset your DNA back to its blueprint of optimal health. Be free of intrusive energies. Reclaim your unique gifts. Rewrite your soul contracts for a more fulfilling life.

Begin the epic journey back to your true, divine empowered self; in alignment with the Universe; your highest destiny and most fulfilling reality. Step into infinity where you are one with all that is. Claim your sacred birthright now.

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